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QIC: Digital Innovation for a Retail Portfolio

Aug 31, 2021

4 min read

By: Mappedin

With a goal to increase digital innovation across their portfolio of shopping centres, QIC Global Real Estate required an indoor mapping solution that seamlessly allows them to manage the maps of all their Australian retail-centred assets in a single platform for multiple purposes. 

The Customer

QIC is a leading Australian institutional investor located in Brisbane, Queensland. After being created in 1991 by the Queensland Government, QIC’s Global Real Estate investment team now has over 35 direct real estate assets.

The Opportunity

In order to increase digital innovation across their retail portfolio, QIC considered the benefits of a digital mapping platform with cost-effective indoor positioning to provide seamless wayfinding for their shoppers. In addition to finding a mapping provider that enhanced the shopping experience, QIC also hoped to simplify the complexity of managing the full suite of venue maps at the same time. After teaming up with Mappedin in 2019 to showcase digital interactive maps on their retail asset websites, QIC hoped to further expand the digital innovation of their centres and so began a pilot in 2020 of Mappedin’s blue dot feature at select malls. 

Through this pilot, QIC saw the value in adding Mappedin’s blue dot technology to the existing indoor mapping platform. Blue dot creates a seamless experience for shoppers. With no hardware installations, shoppers can simply load a retail asset map in the browser of any device and see their precise location while navigating to a destination within the venue. With customer experience being a high priority, finding an indoor mapping system that benefits both the retailers and shoppers was a win.

The Solution

Responsive Web App: QIC implemented Mappedin’s Responsive Web Application to enable their shoppers to search, discover and navigate through QIC’s venues on any device. QIC enhanced their digital mapping experience by using this solution to showcase a 3D interactive map with features such as smart search, category listings, smart labels, accessibility mode, optimized pathing, and more.

Blue Dot Wayfinding: Through the Responsive Web App, QIC expanded their digital innovations to include blue dot wayfinding. QIC wants their shoppers to be able to see their precise location within the maps to enable easy navigation to a particular destination, such as a store, restaurant, service, or more. The blue dot operates in real-time, moving on the map with the shopper and providing an accurate and elevated wayfinding experience. Mappedin’s blue dot feature avoids expensive and time-consuming hardware installations to create an effortless navigating experience for shoppers, making for an easy integration across QIC shopping centres.

Map Editor: Managing multiple venues can be complex, which is why QIC paired with Mappedin to use the Map Editor as a solution. The Map Editor acts as a centralized management tool for QIC to manage and edit their wayfinding venue maps and allocate for long-term or temporary changes. The user-friendly tools make for a stress-free experience when editing the property changes across QIC’s portfolio. With this indoor mapping platform, QIC can now ensure shoppers have access to the most up-to-date information for location data, event dates and details, and more.

The Result 

The indoor maps at QIC’s assets are all powered by Mappedin’s best-in-class mapping technology. The successful pilot of the blue dot technology will allow QIC to further increase their digital innovations and deliver an enhanced experience that shoppers keep coming back for.

“It is important that we provide the best possible experience for visitors to QIC GRE shopping centres, which is why we invest in technology such as Mappedin. The Map Editor platform allows us to easily keep our maps across multiple shopping centre websites up-to-date and overall, the solution provides shoppers with simple to use, interactive, and intuitive wayfinding whether planning an upcoming visit or whilst within the centre itself.” 

- Richard Lindmark, Digital Product Manager, QIC

Looking Forward

Mappedin and QIC’s partnership continues to flourish as we develop new indoor mapping features and enhance the experience for shoppers to QIC’s centres. Visit our website to learn more about our solutions for shopping centres or contact us to book a demo today.