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Making Your Journey a Breeze at Sangster International Airport

Mar 1, 2023

3 min read

By: Mappedin

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Finding your way around an airport can be stressful. In order to enhance the travel experience, Sangster International Airport (MBJ) sought out an indoor mapping solution to eliminate common wayfinding challenges that travellers faced. Here’s how we worked together to accomplish an enhanced experience.

The Customer

Sangster International Airport is the leading tourism gateway to the island of Jamaica - one of the world’s most beautiful and desired destinations. The airport is ideally located on the northwest coast of the island at the center of the country’s main tourism region and close to a wide range of hotel and resort facilities. It served close to 5 million passengers and 40,000 aircraft in 2021.

The Opportunity

As the largest international airport in Jamaica, MBJ was looking for a digital wayfinding solution that would help airport users find their way around the airport easily and efficiently. Ideally, they wanted an interactive map to be featured on their website so that passengers could access directions across any device, from anywhere, even prior to their arrival at the airport.

They also wanted to enhance the passenger experience by showcasing the map on touchscreen directories and placing them in the busiest areas of the airport. This way, passengers would have another way to locate their gates or services upon arrival and explore the shops and amenities available to them while waiting for their flights.

The Wayfinding Solution

Responsive Web App: Sangster International Airport uses Mappedin’s Responsive Web App to provide passengers with a 3D interactive map to search, discover, and find their way around the airport. As a pre-built solution, the airport map was easily and quickly embedded into their website and includes wayfinding features such as floating labels, category listings, top locations, and an outdoor map.

Passengers can simply search for a location, explore by category, or select a featured location on the map to get step-by-step directions to their destination. Passengers can also view additional location information such as store descriptions, operating hours, restaurant menus, phone numbers, and other details that are fully customizable by Sangster International Airport.

Digital Directories: Sangster International Airport also paired the web-based solution with Mappedin’s Digital Directories to enhance the passenger wayfinding experience. With the same look, feel, and function between these solutions, passengers can use the touchscreen display to search for locations and populate directions across the airport. The directories located throughout the airport provide a premium experience and increase the searchability of all amenities and services.

The Result

Sangster International Airport has made it easier than ever for travellers to find their way around. By implementing Mappedin digital maps with wayfinding, passengers can quickly get acquainted with their surroundings, get the shortest route to their gate, and worry less about missing a flight. 

"MBJ needed to find a solution to assist our passengers in being aware of the retail offering in the airport from the point of booking their flight, and also a seamless way to guide them to the retail offering and food & beverage options once in the airport. We met with Mappedin, shared exactly what our needs were, and worked with them on the solution. This was seamless and Mappedin was there with us the entire journey until execution. The end product is amazing for us, and more so for our passengers."

- Sharon Hislop-Holt, Manager, Commercial Business Development & Marketing, MBJ Airports Limited

Looking Forward

We continue to support Sangster International Airport with their mission to provide easy airport wayfinding. Visit our website to learn more about our solutions for airports and transportation hubs, or contact us to get started today.