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Mappedin Product Update: Q4 2017

Jan 17, 2018
4 min read
By: Genny Orser

Find out what we've worked on this quarter; accessible directions, multi-layer editing, and our NEW Dynamic Directory Plus.

Happy New Year! We had an exciting Q4 to round out 2017 including the launch of a new directory product and new features for existing products. Below is an overview of those changes. As always, we welcome feedback on how this update could be more useful to you. 

NEW! Dynamic Directory Plus

Dynamic Directory Plus offers a beautifully designed map first experience. The map centric interface and smart search have been designed to focus on the core strengths of our directory UI, along with an optimized touch experience to make interactions seamless.

Features include:

Interactive 3D Map – Enables users to easily orient themselves and better visualize their surroundings. As the map moves, so do the store labels.

Smart Search – As user’s type, predictive results will appear, minimizing the number of keystrokes needed to find a location.

Optimized Touch Experience – Fail proof button controls, seamless map interactions and consistently smooth swipe controls.

Accessibility Mode – Enables any consumer to use the interface efficiently by shifting the controls lower on the screen.

Offline Mode – The directory UI will still work even if it goes offline. Once the directory goes back online, it will pick-up any map updates that may have happened.

Multilingual Support – Along with English, Dynamic Directory Plus is also available across Spanish, French, Arabic and Simplified Chinese languages.

More to come on this new product, including details of our first instalment across Macerich locations. Read the case study here

Dynamic Directory

What’s new?

Store Within a Store – For stores that have multiple searchable stores within them, we want to highlight the most appropriate option. 

Mappedin Web

What’s new?

Accessible Directions - To ensure we are providing valuable directions to all our users, we have enabled an accessible on/off directions mode.

Text Directions Configurability – Mappedin customers are now able to select whether they want text directions on Mappedin Web to show or not.

Label Font Scaling – To ensure as many store labels as possible show, we’ve implemented font scaling. For stores/locations with longer names, the font size will scale to fit nicely into the polygon.

Zoom Controls – Added standard zoom control buttons along with our keypad controls to enhance the usability for anyone.

Hover Labels – To further enhance the desktop experience, we’ve added hover labels to each store/location. When zoomed out on the map, simply hover over a store to see what it is if you can’t read the label on the polygon. 

Mappedin Mobile SDK

What’s new?

Text Labels – We’ve now launched text labels for both iOS and Android ensuring that Mobile Apps using our SDKs have the ability to leverage store labels in the same way that our Web and Directory products do.

Mappedin CMS

What’s new?

SVG Importer – While importing polygons from other software (like illustrator), this improvement has made it easier to pick and choose exactly which polygons you want to import into the CMS.

Scale Tool - To ensure complete accuracy of map sizing, we’ve automated the process for setting a venue’s scale. This tool also allows us to calculate square footage of any polygon housing that data within the CMS.

Multi-Layer Editing – We’ve enhanced our map layer management panel as shown below, to enhance the editing experience.

Attaching Data to Nodes – Many POIs that we route users to don’t need a geometry, such as ATM’s, Kiosks, Bike Racks, etc. Now, our customers can simply attach POI information to a node without having to create a geometry.

If you have any questions about this update, feel free to contact us through the following channels;

Current Customers: support@mappedin.ca

Future Customers: visit our contact page and someone will be in touch!