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Mappedin’s Digital Directory empowers users to effortlessly navigate complex venues, finding what they need while highlighting relevant content and ads. With millions of global searches and directions, it’s the ultimate digital signage solution.

All your venue has to offer in one place

Some visitors know what they’re looking for. Others are curious about what’s available. Mappedin’s Digital Directory creates a hub for users to plan their visit. Features such as search, category and event listings make it easy to find a destination. Users can even take directions on-the-go for an optimized user journey. What’s more, display ads on digital directories generate additional revenue for your venue.

  • 3D Interactive Maps

  • Intuitive Search

  • Advertising & Promotions

  • Mobile Pass

Mappedin Digital Directory

Digital Directory

Empower visitors to search and discover your venue

Mappedin's Digital Directory does more than provide intuitive wayfinding to your visitors. Highlight the amenities your venue has to offer including transit and movie listing information, restaurant reservations, and quick links to drive users to helpful websites and mobile apps to enhance their overall experience.

Seamless Wayfinding - Directory Feature

Seamless wayfinding and discovery

  • Intuitive experience: Ensure users can plan their route and head off in the right direction for an enjoyable experience.

  • Complete interactivity: Allow users to pan around the map and familiarize themselves with your venue.

  • Hand-off to mobile: For long routes, enable users to take directions with them through the mobile pass feature, making it easy to go from digital signage to user’s phone.

Revenue Generation - Directory Feature Image

Revenue generation

  • Multiple ad spots: Whether you want to showcase full screen ads or ads within the directory experience, Mappedin has you covered.

  • Flexible integration: Mappedin’s Digital Directory can either work with your current DooH advertising provider, or you can use Mappedin’s CMS to manage your ads.

  • Per directory scheduling: Set different ad loops and schedules for different directories based on usage insights and analytics.

Insights and analytics - Directory Feature Image

Insights and analytics

  • Analyze search data: See what locations your visitors are searching for most and top missed searches to inform business decisions.

  • View top category selections: Gain an understanding for the services and amenities your visitors are expecting.

  • Track usage patterns by directory: Analyze all directory data at a per directory level to see how the placement of your screens changes visitor behavior.

Flexible software - Directory Feature Image

Flexible software to meet your hardware

  • Multiple screen sizes: Mappedin’s Digital Directory software is responsive and has been designed to work with screens that range in size from 32 inches up to 90 inches.

  • Portrait and landscape orientation: User experience that is tailored for both portrait and landscape screen orientations, providing a consistent experience across both.

  • Robust partner network for hardware: While we don’t sell hardware, we’re happy to recommend one of the many preferred hardware partners we’ve worked with.

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