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Our maps help students and visitors find their way, ensuring a stress-free day on campus.



Explore the campus with ease

Designed to alleviate the confusion of large campuses, our user-friendly maps provide easy navigation for students, visitors, and faculty. From locating classes to finding nearby facilities, it’s the ultimate companion for a seamless and enjoyable campus experience.

Reduce Student Stress

Make navigating campus a breeze and eliminate stress with up-to-date interactive maps.

Make Easy Updates

Update your campus map across all platforms from one application in real-time.

Increase Campus Safety

Prioritize safety by highlighting emergency exit routes, sending emergency notifications, and more.

For Bowie State University, Mappedin Maps Are a Hit

“We approached Mappedin with a veritable laundry list of requirements and I’m happy to state that they met and exceeded our expectations. As a result, our faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends are all better equipped to navigate our beautiful campus with ease.”

Maurice Tyler

Vice-President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Bowie State University

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Our Products

Powerful tools for campus mapping

Mappedin has a wide range of product offerings for numerous industries and use cases. Use them to facilitate visits for onsite visitors and web users and manage maps across multiple venues. Pick the products that meet your needs and customize your own package.


Digital Directory


Mappedin Web


Mappedin CMS

Digital Directory

Help students and visitors find what they’re looking for with on-site Digital Directories. Features such as search and category listings make it easy to find a destination. Users can even take directions on-the-go through Mobile Pass for an optimized end-to-end user journey.

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A solution to fit your budget

Mappedin is a one-stop solution for all your indoor mapping needs. Sign up for free and get hands-on experience today. Or rely on our professional expertise to show you everything Mappedin can do. Mappedin makes it easy to get started by setting up your venue. It’s the fastest—and best—way to gain access to a useful indoor map for driving results.

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Guidance and navigation for every industry

At Mappedin, we’re helping our clients digitize the indoors. We maintain a source of truth for over 1.5 billion square feet of indoor space worldwide. You’ll find us anywhere that people gather for work, learning, entertainment, or recreation. Have a look at the industries we support with versatile, accurate digital indoor maps.

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We work within your workflows

Start making maps quickly with Mappedin and seamlessly integrate those maps into any existing or custom application using our APIs and Software Developer Kits (SDKs). Our solution also includes developer support from our team of experts.

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Our partners

Mappedin works with a variety of technology partners to provide a seamless experience for indoor maps and navigation.


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Frequently asked questions

  • How to Make a Campus Map

    If you’re looking to create your own map, you will need to determine the objective and goal of your indoor campus map. Will the map be used for simply college wayfinding, or will it provide interactive virtual college tours? Once you have a list of goals for your map, you can choose an indoor map software provider that can execute all the features. You will want to choose a reliable indoor map software provider, like Mappedin, that has extensive experience creating venue maps for facilities of similar sizes. Whether you’re making a map for a university or college, you want to ensure that the service provider can integrate seamlessly with your existing website and apps. Once you’ve established the goals and found a service provider, gather all the information about your higher education institution. This includes a 2D map of your entire campus and floor plans of each building. Put together a list of all the facilities and make sure you include all points of interest as well, to better enhance the indoor map. The more information you provide, the better the mapping experience and student interactions with your digital map. Experts from your wayfinding solution provider will help to upload all the information and details, and then your 2D map into 3D maps. You can then easily make edits and revisions on their CMS. Once your indoor map and digital directory are up to date, you can also implement digital signage across the campus. These digital signs and wayfinding apps can provide detailed information about places to find a campus computer, campus resources, the latest news, and updates, as well as upcoming events.

  • Do you only map the indoors? What about navigation outdoors between buildings?

    While Mappedin is the leading provider of indoor maps, we work with venues such as campuses, city districts, theme parks, and outlet shopping malls that also have an outdoor component. Mappedin’s solution for these venues (and anything similar) will include mapping of both the in and outdoors. Users will be able to navigate through any building, as well as between them.

  • Can digital campus maps be used for more than simple wayfinding?

    Yes, digital campus maps can be used for a variety of things in addition to A-B wayfinding. Students, staff, and visitors can use Smart Search to discover classrooms, study spaces, food options, shops, and any additional services and amenities located on campus. Colleges and universities may also highlight on-campus events and promotions with the digital map and thereby increase visibility and student engagement. Location details are another important use for digital maps: users can view information such as hours, a description, phone number, and other relevant data in one centralized location. You can even include important links in your map - a bookstore’s website, a reservation link for study space, or the menu for an on-campus restaurant, for example. Digital campus maps can also be used to increase safety for students and visitors. Your map can include the location of campus security, fire extinguishers, emergency exits, and other security facilities. Paired with the ability to send push notifications, campuses can send emergency notifications to individuals in specific locations. For example, all those within a certain building should evacuate through the emergency exits highlighted on the map.

  • How can indoor mapping reduce stress for students?

    Students can map routes in advance to find the perfect walkways that allow them to plan their timetable in advance. Create university interactive virtual tours through the mapping application so students can familiarize themselves with the campus areas. Help students adjust to campus life and eliminate campus navigation challenges.

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