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Navigate Mohawk College With User-Friendly Directions

Apr 12, 2021

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By: Mappedin

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Learn about how Mappedin worked with Mohawk College to implement interactive maps on their website, providing a seamless wayfinding experience for their students and visitors.

The Customer

Mohawk College educates and serves more than 32,500 full-time, part-time, apprenticeship and international students at three main campuses in Hamilton, Ontario and learning hubs across Hamilton through City School by Mohawk, and at the College’s Aerospace Training Hub at Hamilton International Airport.

The Opportunity 

As part of transforming the way they deliver educational experience, Mohawk College was looking for an interactive digital mapping solution to support students. They wanted maps to be featured on their website so that students, along with staff and visitors, could easily search and locate classrooms, services, and more at two of their campus locations. While striving to ensure an inclusive environment for everyone, Mohawk College emphasized the importance of finding a mapping solution with accessibility guidelines in mind. One that is AODA compliant and supports multiple languages. 

Another component that Mohawk College found important was the ease of managing and maintaining their maps. Visitors must be able to rely on up-to-date information regarding the location of amenities, classrooms, services, and more. For instance if a classroom is moved, or a food vendor is added, Mohawk College wanted to ensure that these changes are made swiftly. This way, students and staff can continue to navigate the campus with ease. 

The Solution

Responsive Web Application: Mohawk College implemented Mappedin’s Responsive Web Application across two campuses: the Fennell Campus and Stoney Creek Campus. These interactive maps allow students and visitors to easily search and locate rooms, buildings, amenities, and everything else the campuses have to offer. Our Web App includes wayfinding features such as smart search, category listings, smart labels, accessibility mode, and optimized pathing, which together provides an enhanced student experience. For instance, students can search their classroom codes to easily find where their class is located, and use turn-by-turn directions to get there. Mappedin’s Web App allows everyone to access indoor maps across any device, from anywhere. 

Map Editor: Mappedin’s CMS and Editor make it simple for Mohawk College to update and edit their maps as their campuses continue to change and grow. We configured a sync integration with Mohawk College’s own internal classroom CMS in order to pull information such as categories and tags to help students search for their classes. Using our Editor, it is easy to add classroom codes and room types, amenities, and much more. The range of professional editing tools allows Mohawk College to make real-time updates to their maps, meaning students and guests will always be presented with the most up-to-date information. 

The Result 

Together, our digital solution is accessible, easy to use, and supports Mohawk College’s vision of enhancing the student experience. We have successfully launched Mappedin’s Web Application for two locations: the Fennell Campus and Stoney Creek Campus. With digital maps up and running, Mohawk College and Mappedin deliver an enhanced experience to students and visitors. 

Mohawk College was looking for an interactive digital mapping solution to feature on our website so that students can search for classrooms, services, and more at two of our campuses. Mappedin’s solution provided this, along with a powerful Map Editor platform that allows us to easily update our maps as locations change and grow.

Samara Young, Manager, Student Lifecycle Communications, Mohawk College

Looking Forward 

Mappedin will continue to support Mohawk College on transforming their digital experience and help deliver the solutions they need moving forward. At Mappedin, we want to provide indoor mapping capabilities that enhance all venue and industry types.

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