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Helping Students Find Their Way to Class at Bowie State University

Oct 17, 2022

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By: Mappedin

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Many of us have faced a fair share of campus navigation challenges. This is why Bowie State University set out to help students find their way around with an engaging digital solution using interactive indoor and outdoor campus maps.

The Customer

Founded in 1865, Bowie State University provides high-quality and affordable educational opportunities for students with ambitions to achieve and succeed. In addition to its 23 undergraduate majors, Bowie State offers 19 master's degree programs, 14 specialty certificates, and two doctoral programs with a specific focus on science, technology, business, education and related disciplines.

The Opportunity

Bowie State University was looking for a digital mapping solution that would help new and returning students navigate the campus grounds. Ideally, they wanted a web-based solution so that students could access the map online before visiting the campus, or while they’re on campus walking from one building to the next. They also wanted to implement interactive digital directories in key locations as an additional touchpoint for students to get directions.

On the backend, Bowie State University emphasized the need for a single platform to manage and update its own maps. As locations within the campus change, grow, or move around, they wanted to ensure map accuracy with easy-to-use editing tools.

The Solution

Bowie State University began its campus mapping experience by implementing Mappedin’s Responsive Web App, and is currently setting up interactive digital directories to further accommodate students who will be able to locate and navigate buildings and rooms while on campus.

Responsive Web App: As a pre-built solution, the Mappedin Responsive Web App was quickly embedded into Bowie State University’s website, providing students, faculty, and visitors with a map to search, discover, and navigate the campus with ease. The map showcases both indoor and outdoor locations, including lecture halls, university buildings, amenities, and parking lots.

Multi-Building Wayfinding: With the addition of multi-building wayfinding, a feature of Mappedin’s Responsive Web App, Bowie State University enables students to get directions between and within campus buildings. When clicked, students can see the interior of a campus building, as well as the varying levels of floors or rooms located within them.

Digital Directories: To complete the campus navigation system, Bowie State University paired the Responsive Web App with Mappedin’s Digital Directories. With the same look, feel, and function between these solutions, students are equipped with an additional touchpoint to access directions and location information on campus.

Mobile Pass: Bowie State University also opted for Mobile Pass to provide users with a seamless handoff between the Digital Directory and their mobile device. As a touchless option, students can take directions on-the-go by scanning a QR code displayed on the Digital Directory. The campus map populates directly in the web browser of your mobile device — no app downloads required.

Map Editor: Mappedin’s Map Editor acts as a centralized management tool for Bowie State University to easily edit its maps and maintain the most up-to-date location information. The best part is that administrators can make edits to their map one time and deploy those changes in real-time across both Responsive Web App and Digital Directory solutions, simultaneously.

The Result

Bowie State University addresses campus navigation problems by providing students and faculty members with accessible, easy-to-use digital maps. Regardless of their location, whether on-site or at home, students can explore the campus, search for locations, pre-plan their routes, and get directions at a moment's notice.

“We approached Mappedin with a veritable laundry list of requirements and I’m happy to state that they met and exceeded our expectations. As a result, our faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends are all better equipped to navigate our beautiful campus with ease.”

- Maurice A. Tyler, Vice-President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Bowie State University

Looking Forward

We continue to support Bowie State University and are looking forward to the launch of their Digital Directories! Visit our website to learn more about our solutions for colleges and universities, or contact us to book a demo.