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Feature 101: Multi-Building Wayfinding

Jun 9, 2022

3 min read

By: Lucy Bragg

To help support venues with indoor and outdoor components, we’ve recently made improvements to the multi-building wayfinding experience. Mappedin has the ability to not only route users within buildings, but between them using the most efficient path. 

How it Works

As a feature of Mappedin’s Responsive Web App V2, multi-building wayfinding helps close the loop when navigating between and within buildings. Visitors can simply pull up a digital map of a venue and travel between buildings by following intuitive directions. This is especially useful for city districts, campuses, mixed-use spaces, resorts, or venues with multiple buildings and facilities.

With blue dot enabled, the navigation experience is taken a step further by enabling users to view their real-time location as they move through a venue. Blue dot also provides automatic map switching from the outdoors to indoors, so when a user walks into a building, they will be switched to the indoor map automatically. 

Buildings may appear as top locations, or in the search suggestions alongside locations, making it easy for users to find their destination. Visitors can also click on a building or facility directly from the outdoor map. When selected, the building profile will be pulled up and visitors can click the “Directions” button to navigate to and from the building. 

If a building has locations inside of it, selecting the building will automatically open the main floor of the building. This will display a map view of the inside, along with a level selector to switch between floors. Under the building profile, a list of all locations within the building will also appear. Visitors can seamlessly navigate between buildings or locations within a building to reach their destination.

Feature Benefits

Along with being a more intuitive navigation experience for visitors, we’ve also ensured that despite the increase in map data, our solution continues to be highly performant. Venues can showcase an outdoor map with all of their buildings, along with maps of the interior of each building, without compromising the user experience. 

Users can efficiently search for a building or a location, and navigate seamlessly through indoor and outdoor components. Buildings, floors, rooms, stores, you name it. For instance, Hudson Yards uses multi-building wayfinding to enable indoor-outdoor navigation between shops, restaurants, offices, hotels, condos, and more. 

Use Cases

A wide range of venues benefit from multi-building wayfinding, including:

  • Campuses

  • City Districts

  • Zoos

  • Shopping Centres

  • Airports

  • Offices

  • Resorts

  • Mixed-use developments (shopping, condos, corporate space, tourism)

Provide Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Navigation

Enhance the visitor experience by providing seamless indoor-outdoor navigation with this innovative feature. Make it easy for college students to navigate between classes, employees to travel between office buildings, shoppers to find stores in several retail outlets, and more. Contact us to find out how your venue can benefit from multi-building wayfinding.