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Product Launch: Responsive Web App V2

Feb 1, 2021

4 min read

By: Cara Hueston

Read what's new and improved with V2 our Responsive Web App solution and how to use it to showcase digital indoor maps of your buildings. 

The Responsive Web App is one of Mappedin’s out-of-the-box solutions which aims to give our customers a quick and easy way of showcasing interactive 3D maps of their venues. We are focused on continually improving our solutions and adding new features that make navigating your venue even more intuitive. We recently launched our Responsive Web App V2 and this blog will cover what’s new, improved, and how you can launch this solution across your venues. 

Users can expect familiar features from our original Responsive Web Appsolution, including: 

  • 3D interactive map 

  • Smart Search 

  • Blue dot wayfinding

  • Turn-by-turn directions 

  • Accessibility mode 

  • Responsive design 

  • Easy integration  

What’s new? 

Along with the above features, we’ve added several more to enhance the wayfinding journey for visitors and make your venue more discoverable. 

Improved Multi-Floor Wayfinding

Multi-floor wayfinding makes it easy for visitors to travel between various floors of your venue. Changes to our web solution provide a new multi-floor experience. Connection tooltips call out each connection that a user needs to take to travel to another floor. For example, along their path, they may see instructions such as Take Escalator to Level 2 or Take Elevator to Basement. Additional wayfinding tooltips also aid in directions as they call out locations along the user’s path that serve as landmarks, providing visitors with confidence in their route. As always, Mappedin’s solutions come with accessibility pathing that allows users to select a route that prioritizes elevators over stairs or escalators.

Top Locations

Showcase key locations within your venue to make navigation easy for visitors. These locations are highlighted near the search bar, allowing users to launch directions with the click of a button. Top Locations can be added manually by your team or update automatically based on location popularity.  

Deals & Events

To provide additional visibility to promotions and events occuring at your venue, you can now highlight these items directly through your map in the location details. As users search for various locations, they will be able to see any ongoing and associated deals.

Smart Labels

Smart Labels are a dynamic label system that help visitors find more locations within your venue. As users interact with the map, labels automatically display based on their zoom level. To increase visibility of your venue’s offerings, the map will display as many labels as possible, without collision, while maintaining optimal performance.   

Improved UX 

The overall UX of Mappedin’s web solution was improved to make search, discovery, and navigation seamless for the user. As part of this exercise, the location profile cards were re-designed to more clearly showcase details. In the previous version of our Responsive Web App, users had to select “show more” to reveal location information such as Links, Related Locations, and so on. Now, these details are front and centre.

Map Theming 

Mappedin customers have always been able to customize their map to fit within their branding. We strive to make this process even easier with map theming. Our customers can customize visuals such as the background and button accent colour, as well as importing custom map and location data from the Mappedin CMS.  

Customer and user benefits 

The Responsive Web App provides Mappedin customers with a digital and interactive map of their venue. The easy integration means that customers can have this map up-and-running on their website in no time and the responsive design means that visitors can access your map from any device. The additional features included in the V2 launch of this product make navigation even more straightforward and help to showcase even more locations, events, and deals occurring at your properties. 

We recently launched a responsive web solution specific to stadiums and arenas. Learn more about that solution here

Mappedin’s web solution powers 39M sessions and 2.4M searches annually at 600+ properties around the world. Contact us to learn more about our Responsive Web App V2, book a demo, or to implement this solution across your venues.