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Mappedin Update - Q2 2019

Jul 11, 2019

5 min read

By: Mappedin

This quarter's focus was on a NEW map dashboard and easy-to-follow tooltips within the CMS, improved display of location hours, and a more accurate blue dot experience on Mappedin Web.

The summer is heating up and so are our products! Our attention this quarter has been on making small changes that have a big impact.

This update is meant to keep you updated on what we’ve been up to. As always, we welcome any feedback that could further improve your reading experience.

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Product Update

Mappedin Web

What's new?

Blue Dot Navigation - We've worked to refine the Blue Dot experience and increase accuracy as users move along a floor and travel in-between them.

Multi-Floor Wayfinding - Each quarter we are improving the functionality of our multi-level wayfinding to ensure users have a seamless experience on longer journeys. Most recently, we have added a map selector for spaces with multiple buildings. Similar to a level selector that users have become accustomed to, the map selector allows users to focus in on specific buildings in larger venues. We have also added wayfinding icons on the selector so that it is clear where users are starting, travelling, and finishing their journey.

Location Hours - To help visitors understand a location’s hours of operation, we have updated this experience. Locations now display more context, including the status, and when it will reopen - “Closed. Reopens tomorrow: 09:00 AM”

Load Times - As part of an effort to continually improve load times of our front-end solutions, we have implemented asynchronous loading for our Mappedin Web product. When several levels or buildings are included in a map, priority is placed on loading the application and the initial map view for the user while other layers continue to load in the background.

Digital Directories

What's new?

Location Hours - Mappedin directories now show location hours with more clarity and flexibility, particularly for split and special hours. For example, a location can now show if they are closed early or completely for a holiday, if a store is open late, if a restaurant is closed between lunch and dinner, and more.

Blue Arrow for Wayfinding - When users approach the directory screen, they will see a Blue Dot to indicate their starting location within the venue. After searching for a location and populating directions, the dot transforms into an arrow to show directionality and to orient users. This was developed after user research showed that getting users to take initial steps in the correct direction was critical to their wayfinding success.

Mappedin Print

What's new?

Tooltips - We’ve implemented tooltips across Mappedin Print and CMS as a way to publish in-app messages and walkthroughs when new customers start using our tools. These cues help to familiarize users, highlight different features, and give step-by-step instructions.

Mappedin CMS

What's new?

Tooltips - As we’ve done with our Print tool, new features will now have an active tooltip walkthrough to simplify the workflow of our CMS. Users will be in the know with new features from their day one launch.

NEW! Map Dashboard - We’ve created a brand new map dashboard that loads up each venue’s unique building data in one easy-to-access spot! With its launch you’ll see new features like:

  • A horizontal navigation bar to guide mappers through the dashboard, map editing, and into the final step of perspective renderings

  • A place to add custom latitude and longitude points to your maps for indoor positioning purposes

  • An easy-to-use alignment tool to describe the relationship between one building floor and another

  • New dashboard features activate as they become available - guiding a new mapper through the best order of workflow when setting up a new map


Mappedin is continually working to expand our international presence and have spent the last three months with this focus in mind.

intu Properties, Europe - intu owns and manages 20 shopping centres across the UK and Spain and facilitates over 400 million shopper visits each year. Read more about the intu and Mappedin partnership.

Premium Outlets Querétaro, Mexico - Owned by Simon Property Group, one of our existing customers, this shopping centre is one of Simon’s 35 international properties to accompany their 200+ venues across the U.S.

Rosedale Center, Minnesota - Rosedale Center is located between Minneapolis and St. Paul and is home to 160 retailers. We worked with Express Image Digital to create a custom web and mobile wayfinding experience.

AECOM, United States - AECOM is a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. We have worked with them to develop an Operational Performance Management Application. By integrating with construction and smart building management systems, we’re able to visualize important information dynamically on a venue map. This creates streamlined access and management of everything from documentation to HVAC and lighting systems.