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2019 Year in Review

Jan 7, 2020

1 min read

By: Cara Hueston

New countries, new products, more location selections. Here's a 60-second summary of what we did in 2019. 

Going global

Last year we focused on making connections around the world and deployed our products across 95+ new venues to help visitors navigate the indoors. 

A new way to discover

In 2019, we launched our Real-Time Positioning for Web where users can enable turn-by-turn directions through the browser of their phones. We saw great adoption and even better wayfinding success from this feature. 

Learn more about this feature here

 Ready, set, launch

All of our products saw new venues in 2019! Here's the breakdown of what was launched throughout the year.  

Lost and found 

Here are the locations and categories that received the most love in 2019. 

Over 47.5 million locations selected across North America

Thanks for a great year

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