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VIA Outlets: Reducing Environmental Impact with Digital Maps

Sep 16, 2021

3 min read

By: Mappedin

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As a part of VIA Outlet’s four-pillar sustainability strategy, they required a digital mapping solution that could give their customers a unique and premium shopping experience while promoting responsible consumption.

The Customer

In 2014, VIA Outlets acquired existing outlet centres across Europe and transformed them into premium fashion destinations. VIA Outlets is Europe's fastest-growing premium outlet shopping destination, with 11 centres across 9 European countries and over 1,100 stores.  

The Opportunity

As a general initiative, VIA Outlets sought to mitigate their environmental impact and promote the wellbeing of their communities. One way to support this effort was the digitization of their outlet centre maps in order to reduce paper usage and their impact on the environment. VIA Outlets required a digital 3D mapping solution that would accommodate their values of conscious consuming and rid of excess pamphlets and printed maps. They emphasized the importance of delivering a high-level mapping experience across their entire portfolio while being able to seamlessly manage maps all in one space. 

VIA Outlets and Mappedin partnered to launch 3D maps across the fashion outlet portfolio. VIA Outlets has many Account Executives who each manage their respective venues across Europe. With Mappedin’s permission levels, VIA Outlets can allow access to each Account Executive and their team, creating a collaborative workspace in each individual venue. With venues spanning across nine different European countries, it was also important for VIA Outlets to find a provider that understood the importance of catering to a diverse user group. Mappedin’s platform supports many different languages for users to toggle between.

The Solution

Responsive Web App: With the Responsive Web App, VIA Outlets is able to deliver an enhanced and sustainable shopping experience to their visitors. This solution allows customers to navigate through the mall on their device, minimizing paper usage from printed maps. The Responsive Web App was easily integrated into VIA Outlets’ website, creating an environmentally friendly and seamless mapping solution for all eleven of their shopping centres.

Map Editor: VIA Outlets uses Mappedin’s Map Editor to make changes to their outlet maps. The Map Editor gives VIA Outlets an easy way to manage all of their spaces in one platform and their team utilizes the Map Editor’s user-friendly tools to update and edit their maps as the properties evolve, ensuring shoppers always have the most up-to-date information. Our CMS platform allows VIA Outlets to collaborate and assign permission levels to its team members so each centre map can be maintained by its own Account Executive. VIA Outlets can manage location data, event dates and details, and more in one centralized platform.

The Result 

VIA Outlets successfully digitized the maps of all 11 outlets and reduced their environmental impact using the Mappedin platform. Mappedin’s digital solutions gives VIA Outlets’ shoppers an enhanced and consumer-conscious shopping experience. 

“In order to fulfill our sustainability goals, we chose Mappedin to provide us with a reliable digital mapping experience that accommodated our needs perfectly. The platform is easy to use and making changes to our outlet maps is simple and effortless. We are able to provide a digital experience for our shoppers while committing to our goal of sustainability.”

 - Ari Meira, Group Digital, CRM, & Media, VIA Outlets

Looking Forward

Mappedin will continue to support VIA Outlets and their fast-growing premium shopping centres while keeping sustainability top of mind. Visit our website to learn more about our solutions for shopping malls or contact us today.