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PlusCity: Seamless Interactive Shopping Maps Across Web and Mobile

Mar 10, 2022
3 min read
By: Lucy Bragg

To help shoppers navigate through their expansive shopping centre, PlusCity uses Mappedin’s Responsive Web App and Mobile SDK to display interactive digital maps on their website and mobile app.

With a single platform to efficiently manage their mapping solutions, PlusCity ensures that visitors have access to up-to-date information, consistent mapping experiences, and easy navigation from any device!


PlusCity is a large shopping, lifestyle, and entertainment centre in Pasching, Austria. Spanning several floors, the mall features approximately 220 shops, including 48 diverse dining options, a movie theatre, and a children’s playground. 


With an exciting and vibrant atmosphere, PlusCity provides exceptional entertainment and first class shopping. To accentuate this, they wanted to create a seamless and digitized mapping experience to showcase on their website and mobile app. This way, visitors would have a tool to access directions and information on stores, events, amenities, and everything in between, from any device.

Meanwhile, on the backend, this provides PlusCity owners and operators with additional touchpoints to gather valuable data and insights on customer behaviours and preferences, while streamlining the process for creating and maintaining their shopping centre maps. As an expansive space, it was crucial for PlusCity to find a mapping provider that could support their large venue and simplify map management. 

In addition, with the shopping centre based in Austria, they were hoping to find a platform that would provide German translations. Mappedin works with some of the largest property portfolios globally, and was keen on helping PlusCity bring their vision to life.


Language Support: To fully support PlusCity customers, Mappedin placed an emphasis on providing language support and German translations for all implementations.

Responsive Web App: With Mappedin’s Responsive Web App integrated on their website, PlusCity is able to provide guests with an interactive digital asset to search and discover the entirety of their shopping centre, including entertainment, shops, dining options, and amenities. The map features outdoor locations such as parking and nearby stores, includes store logos, and was customized to match PlusCity’s branding, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors. Shoppers can simply click on locations to view store descriptions, operating hours, phone numbers, social media accounts, and photos, and populate step-by-step directions directly to their destination.

Mobile SDK: In addition, PlusCity uses Mappedin’s Mobile SDK to host their shopping centre map in the PlusCity mobile app, delivering a consistent experience across web and mobile. Visitors can search and access directions and information on-the-go directly from the mobile app, regardless of their device. Even more, PlusCity can make changes to their map in real-time, and push those changes live to both their mobile app and website, simplifying map management and maintenance. 


Through the usage of Mappedin products, PlusCity is able to display seamless interactive digital maps across web and mobile, complementing their first class shopping experience. Guests can access quick and easy navigation along with up-to-date shopping centre information, enhancing and simplifying their next visit at PlusCity. 

“We are impressed with the suite of Mappedin products and services, most notably the flexibility and customizability of the Mobile SDK. Mappedin also exceeded our expectations by providing language support and German translations for our mapping solutions across web and mobile.”

- Mr Heidenhofer, Commercial Director, PlusCity

Looking Forward

If you’re considering the benefits of an indoor mapping solution to amplify your venue and simplify map management, contact us today and book a demo. We’d love to show you why Mappedin is the leading platform for indoor spatial data management, digitizing venues, and building best-in-class indoor mapping experiences.