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Wayfinding SDK - Indoor Mapping for Airports

Feb 22, 2022
6 min read
By: Cara Hueston

Airport wayfinding simplifies navigation for travellers, helps improve airport operations and passenger flows, and provides additional context for travellers navigating unfamiliar routes. With Mappedin’s SDKs, airports can build completely custom indoor mapping experiences.

Wayfinding SDK - Indoor Mapping for Airports

Indoor Mapping & Wayfinding SDK for Airports

If you’ve ever found yourself travelling through an airport, then you know that information is power. Is my flight on time? Has my gate changed? Do I have time to grab a bite to eat? Integrated applications pull together the answers to these questions, along with many others, and make navigating airports easy and stress-free for travellers.

Indoor mapping and wayfinding SDKs enable intuitive navigation as part of that overall application. Users can populate turn-by-turn directions directly to their gate with a click of a button. Curious how long the walk is to the nearest washroom? This information is easily accessible through a digital wayfinding SDK which ultimately provides an enhanced passenger experience for travellers.  

How Does Wayfinding SDKs for Airports Work?

Wayfinding SDKs for airports work similarly to other industries and more specifically, transportation hubs. Built on top of existing libraries, Mappedin SDKs are easy for developers to use and enable a seamless indoor navigation experience. With well-documented resources for all features and components offered across iOS, Android, and Web, building your own airport mapping experience is simple. Our documentation offers step-by-step getting started guides, details on how to connect our code to your application through sample apps, and descriptions of individual codes and functions. 

Advantages for Developers

Mappedin’s SDKs are highly integrable with other datasets and integrations. Along with a flexible and robust solution, we continually improve our developer tools and value customer input. This dedication to customer success ensures that your voice is heard as we evolve our products.

  • 24/7 support

  • Sample applications 

  • Getting Started guides

  • Expert integrations team

  • Comprehensive API documentation 

  • Access to Release Roadmap and version migration guides 

Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Mapping SDK for Airports

Indoor and outdoor airport maps quickly provide travellers with context as they navigate from parking or drop-off, through to baggage drop and customs, all the way to their gate as the end destination. By creating this airport experience using Mappedin’s SDKs, users can easily locate services and amenities along their route, while providing valuable insights back to airport authorities and administrators. 

With a powerful search engine and maps that function across any device, finding your gate or a nearby gift shop becomes stress-free. Airports can also highlight retail or food and beverage promotions through the digital map, thereby helping to drive additional airport revenue. 

Automatic Floor Detection

As your venue maps are rendered via the SDK, the solution takes into consideration the elevation of each floor. With indoor positioning systems (IPS) in place, your airport mapping application can be set to automatically update as travellers navigate between floors.  

World-Class Accuracy

To provide the most accurate and efficient route for users, SDKs can be used in conjunction with indoor positioning systems such as beacons, wi-fi point access, and so on. This combination of navigation technology determines the precise current location of a device within a venue and populates turn-by-turn directions with blue dot wayfinding to your desired destination. 


Whether you hope to build a mapping experience across mobile, web, kiosk, or all three, Mappedin’s SDKs are designed with scale in mind. The React Native SDK allows you to build your airport app experience once, but deploy it across multiple device types. As well, the back-end Map Editor allows you to manage all of the venue maps in one central location. With some customers managing hundreds of property maps within a single portfolio through the Mappedin CMS, our end-to-end solution is built to scale with you. 

Seamless Outdoor-Indoor Wayfinding


An indoor mapping solution can combine multiple levels, terminals, and buildings to offer a comprehensive wayfinding journey. Similar to college or university campuses, larger airports likely have a variety of self-contained spaces that a traveller can navigate between over the course of their trip. Domestic and international terminals, arrivals and departures, or parking lots and standalone garages are just some of the different locations that may be on your route. It is important to work with a mapping provider that can account for these different buildings. 

Create a Smart Travel Environment

Regardless of industry or use case, indoor navigation apps help users get from Point A to B. Shoppers in a mall, for example, have a destination in mind and indoor maps help them efficiently locate products, brands, and retailers. These navigation experiences can be pushed further, however, to become integrated and smart travel environments. By layering indoor positioning technology and external data sources, for example, alongside your airport map, travellers can receive alerts on gate changes, flight delays, and nearby promotions. These personalized messages use wayfinding SDKs and APIs to provide excellent customer service to travellers. 

Use Your Map in Your Mobile, Web, and Kiosk Apps

By using advanced mapping SDKs, your indoor navigation apps can be deployed across any device type, whether a browser-based web experience, mobile apps, or large-scale interactive kiosks. 


Mappedin’s Web SDK can be leveraged to build applications across the platform of your choosing. Whether you want to create custom wayfinding kiosks for your airport, add mapping to your website, or integrate it as part of a larger mobile app, the Web SDK provides you with the foundation of a powerful and accurate indoor mapping experience. The Web SDK is also what Mappedin’s own pre-built applications are built on, meaning its capabilities are constantly expanding. 

iOS & Android SDKs

Mappedin’s mobile SDKs can be used to create mobile wayfinding experiences for iOS and Android devices. Airports can integrate digital maps into their existing mobile applications, or can choose to build their own tailored app experiences using Mappedin's iOS SDK and Android SDK. Mappedin’s React Native SDK can also be used to build once and deploy across both device types, saving developer time and effort. 

How to Make the Most of our Wayfinding SDK for Airports

Mappedin’s Integrations team is dedicated to the evolution of our SDKs and their successful implementations. With robust documentation, migration guides, and developer support, you can launch this solution for travellers or employees across your venue. 

More About Wayfinding SDK for Airports

Wayfinding SDKs provide airport visitors with up-to-date information and context about their surroundings, both of which can be extremely valuable before starting your journey along an unfamiliar route.

For further documentation on our SDKs, visit our Developer Portal. To start creating a 3D wayfinding experience for your airport, contact us today.