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Indoor mapping, navigation, and positioning for warehouses

Our maps transform warehouse management, enabling you to plan, optimize, and navigate the complex layouts.


Indoor Maps for Warehouses

Streamline operations, improve efficiency

Integrate your warehouse management system with indoor maps and real-time tracking to take control of your venue and improve overall operations. With digital indoor maps, you gain the ability to visualize your warehouse’s layout, streamline inventory management, and enhance overall productivity. Paired with indoor positioning, you can accurately track the movement of assets such as inventory, personnel, production materials, and forklifts on a digital indoor map.

Optimize Layouts

Maps enable you to visualize and optimize layouts, saving time and resources in day-to-day tasks.

Boost Productivity

Elevate warehouse efficiency with seamless navigation, ensuring employees reach their destinations with ease.

Track Assets in Real Time

Pair maps with indoor location tracking software to enable real-time tracking of inventory, machinery, warehouse pallets, and other assets.

Our Products

Powerful tools for indoor mapping

Mappedin has a wide range of product offerings for numerous industries and use cases. Use them to facilitate visits for onsite visitors and web users and manage maps across multiple venues. Pick the products that meet your needs and customize your own package.


Mappedin SDK


Mappedin CMS



Mappedin SDK

Mappedin SDKs provide you with the core elements of a digital map and wayfinding experience. Integrate your map with your existing warehouse management system or harness our SDKs to create your own custom map experience.

Warehouse-Mappedin SDK

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Warehouse-Mappedin SDK


A solution to fit your budget

Mappedin is a one-stop solution for all your indoor mapping needs. Sign up for free and get hands-on experience today. Or rely on our professional expertise to show you everything Mappedin can do. Mappedin makes it easy to get started by setting up your venue. It’s the fastest—and best—way to gain access to a useful indoor map for driving results.

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Guidance and navigation for every industry

At Mappedin, we’re helping our clients digitize the indoors. We maintain a source of truth for over 1.5 billion square feet of indoor spaces in over 54 countries. You’ll find us anywhere that people gather for work, learning, entertainment, or recreation. Have a look at the industries we support with versatile, current digital indoor maps.

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We work within your workflows

Start making maps quickly with Mappedin and seamlessly integrate those maps into any existing or custom application using our APIs and Software Developer Kits (SDKs). Our solution also includes developer support from our team of experts.

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Our partners

Mappedin works with a variety of technology partners to provide a seamless experience for indoor maps and navigation.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need warehouse indoor tracking software?

    Warehouses need indoor location tracking software to enable real-time tracking of inventory, machinery, employees, warehouse pallets, and other assets.

  • How do you make a warehouse indoor tracking map?

    To create an indoor tracking map: Define the goals for your indoor map. Find a reliable and experienced indoor mapping solution. Collect location data and a 2D floor plan of your indoor space. Indoor mapping providers will transform your 2D floor plans into 3D maps. Apply internal and external location data and any necessary styling to the map. Geo-reference the map to real-world coordinates for accuracy. Maintain the map using the Map Editor.

  • Why is indoor mapping important for warehouses?

    Indoor mapping is important because it allows warehouse employees to visualize location data within the context of the venue. Map managers can make real-time edits to their digital floor plan and employees can have confidence in accurate and up-to-date data. Combined with an indoor tracking solution and warehouse management systems, employees can save valuable time in day-to-day operations.

  • How does 3D mapping work for warehouses?

    3D mapping for warehouses works like any other indoor mapping application. Digital maps are used to provide a visual of the venue and its various points of interest. Employees can update the exact location of devices, inventory, machinery, and other assets.

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By now, you recognize the significance of digital maps in optimizing warehouse operations, empowering employees, and serving as critical resources during emergencies. Let us show you how we can provide the technology and support to make the power of indoor mapping work for you.

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