Warehouse Indoor Mapping and Tracking

Digital indoor maps provide warehouses with a platform to manage location information as well as an effective solution to plan, optimize, and navigate complex layouts. Paired with indoor positioning solutions, employees can access real-time data on inventory, assets, and more.

Advanced indoor tracking for Warehouses

Integrate your warehouse management system with indoor maps and real-time tracking to take control of your venue and improve overall operations. Intuitive wayfinding and a powerful Map Editor ensure that location data is always up-to-date. Visualize the movement of assets such as inventory, personnel, production materials, and forklift tracking on a digital indoor map.

Transforming Floor Plans Into Real-Time Editable Digital Assets

Mappedin specializes in transforming 2D property floor plans into digital assets that can be edited in real-time. Our 3D interactive solutions make indoor location tracking easy and the Map Editor creates new efficiencies for warehouse management. Quickly alter floor plans, move inventory, add points of interest, and more. 

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Benefits of 3D Interactive Warehouse Maps

Smart Search

Mappedin’s Smart Search allows employees to search by product, SKU number, or category and offers predictive results as users type.

Multi-Destination Wayfinding

Warehouse mapping solutions allow employees to build itemized lists and can display product details, stock, aisle, and more.

Optimized Routing

Our directions engine populates the most efficient path from start to finish and can be prioritized in different ways. For example, picking up smaller items at the end of a route.

Blue Dot Wayfinding

For a seamless navigation experience, access turn-by-turn directions and real-time tracking of machinery, inventory, or employees.

Easy Integration

Combine your warehouse maps with additional IoT devices. With accurate location data and real-time updates, the possibilities are endless.


Mappedin’s products have been deployed globally and we strive to support as many languages as possible. If we don’t have the language you need, we will add it.

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Why Do Warehouses Need Indoor Tracking Software?

Most facilities already have a Warehouse Management System in place to support and optimize warehouse functionality, distribution centre management, and the overall supply chain. What is missing, however, is the ability to visualize this location data within the context of the venue. That's where indoor maps come in. 

Warehouses can monitor real-time tracking updates of inventory, machinery, employees, warehouse pallets, and other assets with indoor mapping and positioning technology. This combination provides employees with their precise current location and accurate distance measurements to their destination. 

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Seamless Warehouse Navigation

Enjoy seamless navigation through warehouses and distribution centers with digital indoor maps. Using their mobile devices, employees can populate the most efficient route from their starting location to various points of interest. Real-time location systems, otherwise known as indoor positioning technology, make asset tracking simple. Employees can see their precise location within the context of the warehouse map and follow turn-by-turn directions to arrive at the location of assets and other important items.

Warehouses Indoor Tracking Use Cases

Using accurate positioning in an indoor environment allows businesses to provide new efficiencies and experiences, such as:

Operational Performance Management

Integrate your map with Construction and Smart Building Management Systems to visualize location data, simplify access to information, and create streamlined management of HVAC and lighting systems, documentation, and inventory.

Warehouse Navigation

Provide employees and visitors with the fastest route throughout the warehouse. Employees can search for or select a location within the map and multi-destination wayfinding allows users to pre-plan a series of stops.

Space Planning

Using the Draft and Publish mode in the Mappedin Editor, warehouse teams can plan and test various layouts digitally before making any physical changes. Have confidence that your venue is meeting social distancing and other safety protocols.

Contact Tracing

By combining digital warehouse maps with localization technology, warehouse managers can monitor on-site device contact to take preventative measures and help keep employees safe in the event of an outbreak.

Emergency Response

Highlight safe exit routes and emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and defibrillators to ensure employee safety. Layer indoor positioning with your maps to send push notifications to employees in the event of an emergency.

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Warehouses Indoor Tracking Products

Mapping SDKs

Mappedin's SDKs provide the core elements of a digital map and wayfinding experience. This software allows warehouses to create custom mapping experiences that can be integrated into existing web and smart device mobile applications. When used alongside indoor positioning systems, our SDKs unlock even more powerful experiences. Offline Mode ensures there are no interruptions, even in areas with weak signal strength.

3D Interactive Map


Multi-floor Navigation

Smart Labels

Blue Dot Wayfinding

Custom Starting Position

Follow Mode

External IDs

Mapping CMS

Mappedin’s CMS is the foundational layer for your interactive warehouse map experiences. The Map Editor makes it simple to edit location information and alter the appearance of your warehouse map when locations shift or new buildings are added.

Map Editing Tools

Draft & Publish Mode

Manage Location Details

Update Map Geometry

Add Events & Promotions

Preview Maps

Permission Levels

Analytics Dashboard 

Warehouse Indoor Tracking FAQs

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