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4 Ways to Enhance the Stadium Experience with Digital Maps

Jun 3, 2020

4 min read

By: Cara Hueston

You've got your ticket and are heading out to the big game! How can stadiums use digital maps to provide you with an unforgettable fan experience?

It’s game day! Your ticket is bought, your jersey is on, and you’re ready to cheer on your team. 

While this ritual is nothing new, the way that stadiums and their teams have taken advantage of technology changes year over year. Mobile applications have become a common way for fans to access ticket, team, and venue information. Not only can digital maps reduce chaos, they unlock additional experiences to provide fans with an unforgettable game day.

1. Parking and arrival

Starting game day right means a seamless journey from home to seat. In the past, visitors have been able to easily navigate from their front steps to the venue, but then what? Finding parking can be stressful, knowing each passing minute is one closer to game time. Then finally, the car is parked but what’s the fastest way inside the arena? Which gate is closest to your section? Where are your seats again? 

Digital maps make this experience easy for fans by allowing them to plot this journey on-site or ahead of time. Along with providing helpful directions to their visitors, venues can also provide them with up-to-date parking information such as pricing, occupancy, restrictions, rideshare lots, and more. Integrated stadium applications that include ticketing, venue information, and interactive maps might even take the experience a step further by suggesting which parking lot is closest to the recommended entrance gate so that fans can quickly find their seats. 

2. Events and promotions

Thanks to digital maps, your arrival was painless and it turns out you’re early for the game. Many arenas have exciting entertainment options before, during, and after the main event. From face painting to 50/50 raffles, or live music to last call, there’s lots to do. Digital maps not only provide advanced navigation, but also a wealth of information. A back-end map management platform allows stadiums to update information and highlight day-of events and promotions. 

3. Reduced wait times

The game has begun and you’re in your seat. The crowd is full of energy and your team is winning! But wait, you take a minute in all of the excitement and realize that you’re starving. Or your friend is thirsty. Or your kid needs to use the washroom. 

Digital maps are easy to access and can be deployed across different device types such as web, mobile, or touchscreen directories. The search functionality on a digital map allows fans to locate general amenities (e.g. washroom, merchandise) or specific products (e.g. pizza slice, baseball hat) so that precious game time minutes aren’t wasted in a multi-floor search. To enhance the experience even further, when digital maps have been built for customization (such as Mappedin’s SDKs), they can be integrated with companies like WaitTime to show fans real-time line lengths at different locations. 

4. Connectivity and in-seat experiences

The game is now well underway, and your team has just scored! You go to share a video with your friends at home and you’re relieved because the stadium offers free wi-fi. In fact, almost all of the NFL, MLB, and NBA stadiums across North America offer wi-fi to their fans and now these stadiums are finding more uses for their connectivity. 

Outfitted with hundreds of wi-fi access points, arenas can combine this technology with a digital map to offer even more experiences to their fans. With indoor positioning systems, fans can use turn-by-turn directions. With a venue mobile application, stadiums can notify users of special deals or events using push notifications. Or, for fans that can’t bear to miss a moment of the game, food can be pre-ordered for pick-up or even delivered right to your seat, like at Levi’s Stadium.

Stadiums can use technology to enhance the fan experience in a number of ways, but at the core, fans want a seamless trip to see their team play which is why a digital map can be so valuable in providing important information and easy-to-follow directions. 

To learn more about Mappedin's indoor mapping solutions for stadiums and arenas, visit our website or contact us today.