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Applications of AI-Powered Indoor Mapping

Mar 28, 2024

6 min read

By: Khadijah Plummer

What Is AI-Powered Indoor Mapping?

Indoor mapping is the action of taking traditional floor plans and transforming them into dynamic and interactive digital versions. Indoor maps help guests with indoor navigation and are especially useful in large spaces with many exits, facilities, and amenities. 

AI-powered indoor mapping makes the process of mapping both fast and accurate. Not only is map geometry correctly drawn and data assigned to target fields, but the integrity of the data is maintained over time. This provides reassurance with decision-making around the map.

The Evolution of AI in Mapping

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in mapping offers many benefits for both visitors to a place and mapmakers who may work for the venue itself. Although visitors reap the rewards as end users, when it comes to AI-powered indoor mapping technology, the main beneficiaries are the mapmaking customers.  

For guests and visitors, they get to experience: 

  • Effortless indoor navigation: Make indoor navigation of large and complex spaces simple and engaging

  • Less time wasted on wayfinding: Encourage guests to have a relaxed visit by making it easy and efficient for them to plan their journeys

  • Interactive indoor maps: Engage visitors through engaging and immersive indoor map experiences

  • Tailored recommendations for their visit: Make the guest experience feel personal by leveraging information on preferences to surface points of interest

Thanks to AI-powered indoor mapping technology, those working as team members for the venue have several advantages. These include: 

  • New opportunities to provide a stellar customer service experience: Help visitors find what they’re looking for in places and save them in the process

  • Increased operational efficiency: Use your indoor spaces well and manage your resources effectively

  • Unlocked revenue opportunities: Pinpoint the best areas to capitalize on revenue growth via advertising

  • Better emergency response preparedness: Alleviate decision paralysis for first responders and increase the overall security of an indoor environment

  • Decision-making informed by current data: Study insights into guest behavior and preferences for better business decisions

AI Indoor Maps: How Is AI Being Used in Mapping in 2024?

There are countless ways for indoor mapping to be used in 2024, but the need for accurate indoor maps is imperative in schools, airports, and other large communal spaces. Other spaces where indoor mapping can be useful include stadiums, shopping centers, offices, and hospitals and healthcare facilities. Indoor maps provide interactive 3D wayfinding capabilities and allow first responders to pre-plan and analyze floor plans when responding to emergencies.

At Mappedin, our Maps for Good program focuses on meeting the safety and security needs of first responders. When pre-planning for emergencies, these individuals can use the 3D wayfinding capabilities and search capabilities that an indoor map provides. The overall time that can be saved for first responders aiming to understand the layout of an indoor environment can be allocated to informed decision-making on their approach to the situation before they enter the building.

Applications of AI-Powered Indoor Mapping

Any location with a detailed indoor layout can benefit from the presence of a clear and well-maintained indoor map. At its core, indoor mapping gives users the ability to visualize elaborate indoor spaces in a way that’s easy to digest. Even if the space is totally new to them, the user can start to feel a sense of comfort and familiarity with the environment that surrounds them, and have a better level of spatial awareness overall.

Using AI to Digitize Existing Floor Plans

Mapmakers using AI-powered indoor mapping tools such as Mappedin experience auto-detection of floor plan features like doors, windows, walls, and large objects. AI map tools can digitize floor plans in seconds and help fire departments and agencies create useable maps to reference.

Using AI to Build a Floor Plan from Scratch

No floor plan? No problem! If you need to create a floor plan, Mappedin’s iOS app allows you to start scanning your indoor space using an iPhone Pro or iPad Pro to create a 3D indoor map model. We’ve made our iOS app so easy to use–no training required. All you have to do is download the app for free on the App Store. When you’re done, simply upload them into Mappedin and get on with adding the finer details to your indoor maps.

Challenges and Future Prospects of AI-Powered Indoor Mapping

As we learn how to exist in a post-pandemic world, we’re seeing the importance of physical indoor spaces increase. More people venturing into new spaces means that more attention should be paid to the creation and management of indoor maps. 

With Mappedin’s AI-powered indoor mapping capabilities, large organizations that have needs around scaling their indoor mapping operations can make the changes they need to offer indoor navigation to guests in their spaces. If an organization has more than one location, it’s imperative that they prioritize the presence of accurate and data-rich indoor maps to stay ahead of the curve, especially with the return of in-person work through onsite and hybrid work models. With the right tools, they can meet this challenge more easily.

Current Limitations of AI Indoor Mapping Technology

Although the use case for the presence of indoor maps has been affirmed, the process of creating engaging maps presents many challenges. Depending on the AI-powered indoor mapping technology at their disposal, mapmakers can be in for a very time-consuming process in the mapping experience. Unlike Mappedin, most tools on the market are complex, costly, and lack user-friendliness.

Mappedin Plus is now available with additional features such as unlimited editors and tools to add more information to your maps. Get started on your mapping journey for free, and explore more advanced mapping tools via Mappedin Plus.

The Future of Indoor Navigation: Increasing Accuracy and Detail

With Mappedin’s indoor map technology, the future of indoor navigation is bright. Our AI-powered indoor map generator allows you to automatically make your map in seconds. Make beautiful 3D maps and overlay them with data-rich information on the environment. Help guests to easily navigate indoor spaces with our innovative wayfinding technology that aids in easier decision-making.