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Build Your Own Directories: Directories Anywhere

Dec 15, 2022

5 min read

By: Mandy Tang

We’ve introduced you to custom directories and outlined core functionalities that can be adapted to your own directory experience in our previous blogs. Now, let's dive into directories in other industries and how Mappedin SDKs can be leveraged to create your very own custom application. 

When you think about directories, the first place that comes to mind is a shopping mall. Malls are a classic use case to enhance a visitor’s experience by providing a seamless indoor mapping and wayfinding journey. Find out why Mappedin Digital Directory is the preferred choice. 

Why Choose the Mappedin Directory App? 

Mappedin offers two experiences, a pre-built application with out-of-the-box features; or an SDK to create a custom solution for your venue. Our Digital Directory is the product that started it all. Created to showcase a digital indoor map; our directory provides an overview of a venue, indoor navigation and wayfinding, and the ability to explore and see amenities across an entire property. Our Digital Directory offers customers an out-of-the-box experience that will speed up delivery times to bring your indoor mapping and wayfinding experience to life. 

You can expect to see these great features: 

  • Interactive 3D Map

  • Optimized Routing

  • Search

  • Events and Promotions

  • Advertisements

  • Category Browse

  • Mobile Pass

  • Multilingual Support - Available across 10+ languages

The Digital Directory is a white label product and is customizable for your brand colors and logo, ensuring a seamless branded experience. We invested in creating a directory solution that would satisfy customers from a variety of industries and use cases. 

Why Choose Custom Directories?

We know that one size does not fit all and we shouldn’t expect that from our solutions either. Mappedin SDKs allow you to customize your indoor mapping and wayfinding experiences by leveraging the features you want in your solution. Pull information that you need from our in-depth documentation and take inspiration from unique proof of concept applications using our SDK. 


Stadiums can implement indoor maps by adding directories through the venue. With Mappedin’s platform, you can keep your floor plans and venue maps up-to-date, showcase events and advertising, and layer on additional experiences such as real-time indoor positioning that use accurate location-based data. 

Imagine being at a big sporting event and trying to find your seat when suddenly the urge to use the washroom hits! Are restrooms open? Are there long lineups?, Where is the nearest one? Find the closest directory and easily access this information, locate the closest available restroom, and avoid waiting in long lines. 

Read more about this demo here


With the rise of the hybrid work model, employees are becoming more unfamiliar with the workplace, especially if they started working remote. This is where indoor maps and digital directories come in handy. Utilizing the Mappedin SDK, employees can now book meeting rooms and hotdesks straight from the directory kiosk. 

Read more about this demo here

Cruise Ships 

Cruise ships are huge and often carry many passengers with several decks of cabins and amenities. Passengers often have a hard time navigating these spaces, especially after a full day of events. Cruise ships can now elevate their safety plans with directories. An evacuation plan can be accessible at any time for passengers to reference with step by step directions and by including an accessible web map, a passenger can even navigate directly from his or her  cabin. 

Read more about this demo here


Development Shop 

When choosing a development shop to build your end-to-end solution, there are some considerations you should make: 

Industry Knowledge 

Cross-industry knowledge is an advantage for development shops. Working on a variety of projects and industries, developers gain confidence in efficiency and new methodologies to keep them competitive. Ideally, you want to make sure that your dev shop understands who your users are and can make considerations based on the industry. 

Capability Across Tech Stacks 

The world of technology and software develops actively and at a fast pace; while some tools and methods become obsolete, new methods appear alongside. Be sure that your dev shop is not only knowledgeable of the platform, but also new methods and trends to give you the best options to build your applications. 


The cost of a dev shop can vary on the project scope, size, and functionality of the application. In these scenarios you are often balancing quality and cost, focusing on one over the other doesn't necessarily give you a better or more cost effective solution. Refer to our preferred partners to find a trusted provider. 

One Map Everywhere  

Increase efficiency with Mappedin; you can update your property maps in one place and have those updates pushed live across all indoor mapping experiences. What you need is a maps platform with robust data analytics, excellent integration, endless customization, and scalability. Mappedin gives you the power of choice through pre-built applications as well as powerful SDKs, sample application libraries, and flexible features. Whether you’re looking for a map of a mall, stadium, office, or even a spaceship we’ve got you covered!

Want to learn more about SDKs? Watch our webinar here. Any questions, contact us.