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Employee Co-op Q&A: Figo Pham

Dec 9, 2022

3 min read

By: Lucy Bragg

What is it like to work as a Co-op at Mappedin? We sat down with Figo, a Map Designer Co-op, to discuss his experience, including the projects he’s been working on, what he enjoys most about Mappedin, and how he would describe the culture and team environment. 

Figo, thanks for chatting with me today. To start off, can you tell us about your current role at Mappedin?

I am a Map Designer Co-op at Mappedin. I create and design maps that are delivered to our clients, either as demos or as the front-facing product for their digital directories. 

What are some of the projects that you’ve been working on?

I’ve been working on maps for a big client that has malls all over Europe. I’ve also started working on maps for offices, which have similar design considerations to malls, but also have some differences. With every venue, I learn something new.

For other co-op students wondering, can you speak to your experience at Mappedin and why you applied to a position with us? 

My experience has been great! There are a lot of opportunities to connect with coworkers. Most recently, we went on a company retreat in Muskoka which was a lot of fun.

I applied for this position because it aligns with what I’m learning in my university program, urban planning with a specialization in design and mapping. Also, I think what Mappedin does is really great for accessibility, and I wanted to be a part of that.

What do you like most about working at Mappedin?

What I like most about Mappedin is how easy it is to connect with everyone. For instance, at the retreat, I had the chance to talk to and get to know so many people who work at Mappedin.

How would you describe Mappedin’s culture and team environment?

It’s very collaborative and people are always available to help when needed. If I want to learn about another department, I can easily reach out to someone on another team and ask to shadow one of their calls to see what their process is like. I think that’s really good, especially as a co-op, being able to learn everything about a company. 

Mappedin is a remote-first environment, but you have also worked out of our office quite a few times during your term. How have you liked working from the office? 

I really enjoy working in the office. I’m a lot more productive in the office because there aren’t as many distractions, and everyone around is working. I also like how I can talk to everyone, have lunch together, and get to know people on different teams. 

Is there anything else that you would like to share about your time at Mappedin?

There are a lot of opportunities to learn at Mappedin. It’s really easy to reach out to people on different teams, join their calls, and shadow what they do. That really helped me a lot as a co-op because I feel like I learned a lot during my time here. 

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