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Enhancing Airport Experiences with Indoor Mapping

Oct 20, 2023

4 min read

By: Lucy Bragg

For airport operations and management, the passenger experience is one of their top priorities. Whether operating a bustling international hub or a regional airport, providing travelers with a seamless journey is essential. Indoor mapping technology can transform this experience, enhancing an airport with visitor navigation capabilities and simplifying travel preparations for valued passengers.

Stock image of people walking down an airport terminal hallway

Interactive Airport Map

With interactive airport maps providing essential travel data, airports are reshaping the traveler's journey. These maps unlock a hub of services, shops, and amenities, allowing passengers to seamlessly explore an airport's layout and discover everything they need. Whether a traveler is in search of their gate, a cozy restaurant, or even a much-needed travel pillow, an interactive map conveniently puts everything at their fingertips, making their airport journey more enjoyable and efficient.

Seamless Navigation

Navigating an expansive airport doesn't have to be a daunting experience. With indoor mapping technology, airports can transform this journey into a hassle-free and enjoyable process. Here's how:

  • Clickable Step-by-Step Directions: provide passengers with step-by-step guidance, ensuring they easily locate gates and other key destinations such as ticketing counters, security checkpoints, restrooms, restaurants, and baggage claim.

  • Precise Walking Times: display precise walking times to various airport checkpoints, helping passengers plan their journeys more efficiently and minimize delays. 

  • Save Your Gate: enable passengers to bookmark and save their departure gate location on the map, making it convenient for them to find their way back if they want to explore the airport or grab a quick bite to eat, without the worry of missing their scheduled flight.

A screenshot showcasing an example of step by step directions in an airport

Real-Time Flight Updates

Now more than ever, passengers expect up-to-date travel information and maps at their fingertips. For  airports, meeting this demand is not only a necessity but an opportunity to increase the way passengers are connected and enhance the passenger experience. With Mappedin’s airport solution, providing real-time flight information has never been simpler.

Passengers can easily access real-time flight updates and gate changes directly on an airport map from any platform. A single map can seamlessly integrate with an airport’s mobile app, website, or digital directory screens positioned throughout terminals. This ensures that travelers are always in the know, regardless of how they prefer to stay updated.

A screenshot showcasing various flight times and what their current status is

Parking and Shuttle Services

The digital map serves as a reliable guide for locating airport parking and shuttle services, including shuttle buses, trains, or rental car pickup points. When integrated with reservation systems, travelers can reserve parking spots nearest to their terminal, ensuring a seamless transition from their vehicle to the departure gate.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Creating an inclusive environment for all airport visitors is paramount. Indoor mapping technology, in addition to aiding navigation, plays a pivotal role in ensuring accessibility for passengers of diverse needs.

Indoor maps provide a range of features designed to accommodate every traveler. This includes offering maps in various languages for international visitors, providing voice commands and written instructions for travelers with visual or hearing impairments, and creating routing paths that prioritize ramps and elevators over stairs. These features ensure that passengers can effortlessly access the information they need for a seamless travel experience.

Meet Mappedin Airports

Introducing Mappedin Airports, your gateway to creating smoother and more enjoyable airport journeys. With this innovative web app, travelers can easily search, discover, and navigate through even the most intricate airport environments. Trusted by world-class airports, Mappedin Airports provides essential information such as check-in locations, security wait times, departure gate details, and the nearest shops and restaurants.

Showcases an airport map on on a in a standard view and a mobile view on a phone

What does this solution include?

  • Interactive airport maps

  • Seamless search, discovery, and navigation

  • Real-time flight updates

  • Precise walking times to gates

  • Plus, a host of other features to enhance a traveler’s airport experience!

For an in-depth understanding of how Mappedin Airports works, explore our comprehensive Product 101 guide.

Get Started Today

By leveraging indoor mapping technology, your airport can enhance not only the ease of navigation but also the overall satisfaction of passengers. The journey from check-in to boarding can be stress-free, efficient, and even enjoyable, making their experience memorable for all the right reasons. 

To explore how indoor mapping can elevate your airport's passenger experience, contact us today to book a demo. Your passengers deserve nothing less than excellence, and with indoor mapping, you can deliver just that.