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Feature 101: Directory Voice Assist

Aug 11, 2020

4 min read

By: Nick Jessop

Mappedin’s Directory Voice Assist is an audio-based assistant that provides a fast and touchless wayfinding experience on our Digital Directory product. Using convenient voice commands, shoppers can navigate a venue with simple phrases like “Where is the Apple Store?”

Voice command usage in software is on the rise and this method of interacting with a device is quickly becoming the norm for everything from mobile phones to speaker systems. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could expect the same experience in your shopping centre directory? What if finding directions was as easy as asking?

Mappedin’s newest feature is the Directory Voice Assist to do just that. A shopper can now walk up to our Digital Directory and find what they’re looking for through simple questions. These voice commands, paired with our intuitive maps and wayfinding, provide a quick and convenient way for getting directions to all locations within a shopping centre. 

In addition to increased convenience, Directory Voice Assist adds a whole new layer of accessibility and safety benefits to your directories. Getting useful information through voice commands allows you to interact with the Digital Directory without ever having to touch the screen. 

How does it work?

We have integrated the latest voice technology with our Digital Directory solution to enable the Voice Assist feature. This provides accurate word recognition and flexible methods of structuring questions so that users are free to ask away. Using the latest multi-array microphone hardware, Mappedin’s Voice Assist can pick up audio even in noisy environments. 

Directory Voice Assist was created to simplify the wayfinding process for your visitors and we have designed it to ensure the privacy of your shoppers. Any data transmitted through this feature is encrypted and backed up by enterprise-grade security, availability, compliance and manageability offered through Microsoft’s Azure services. 

To use this solution, shoppers simply need to approach the directory and activate the microphone with a wake phrase such as “Hey Directory.” There are visual indicators to show when the microphone is recording and audio will only be transmitted to servers once a wake phrase is heard. For transparency and ease-of-use, shopper voice requests are displayed on the screen. Both Mappedin’s directory product and voice feature support multiple languages so that we can provide all users with a straightforward and modern way of navigating the indoors.

Customer and user benefits

Have you ever asked someone for directions? You get a response quickly, but it’s not always easy to follow. Directory Voice Assist acts like a guest concierge, willing to give you clear and simple directions at any time. In a matter of seconds, you can be viewing a 3D map with intuitive step-by-step directions across multiple floors. This is the easiest way to find what you are looking for, fast. This feature can also be paired with Mappedin’s Mobile Pass where shoppers can send directions from the directory to their mobile devices and take them on-the-go. 

The best part of Voice Assist is that your shoppers never have to touch the screen. Using voice commands means the end-to-end navigational experience is completely touchless. Given the increased complexities of COVID-19, this is especially important in creating a sense of safety as public spaces welcome back visitors. Voice Assist offers shoppers an alternative way to find what they’re looking for, but takes advantage of a Digital Directory that is conveniently placed at your mall and is always up-to-date with the latest venue data. Additionally, this provides another way of interacting with the touchscreen for users that might normally be unable to do so, offering a more inclusive experience for all types of shoppers.

By adding Voice Assist to your directories, you can make your shoppers more productive and satisfied while staying current with the latest technology. Contact us today to learn more.