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Product 101: Digital Directory

Feb 13, 2020

3 min read

By: Shanae Vander Togt

Mappedin's Digital Directory is a branded and optimized digital signage solution that allows visitors to navigate with up-to-date digital maps.

Our Digital Directory is the product that started it all. Created to showcase a digital indoor map; our directory provides an overview of a venue, indoor navigation and wayfinding, and the ability to explore and see amenities across an entire property. Visitors can then select a location and have the most efficient route mapped out for them. 

What does the Digital Directory do? 

The Digital Directory solution caters to multiple types of visitors. With a user-friendly interface, visitors can easily discover what’s available within a venue and navigate through best-in-class wayfinding and search.

In large complex buildings, finding a desired destination can be difficult. Having a dynamic indoor map and accurate wayfinding can increase overall satisfaction with the venue and showcase all available locations, as well as additional information like events and promotions. 

Digital Directory features 

The Digital Directory’s features provide a full experience for a wide variety of users. From multi-floor wayfinding to Accessibility mode, the routes are optimized to get from start to finish quickly and intuitively.

Features include:

  • Interactive 3D Map

  • Optimized Routing

  • Smart Search

  • Events and Promotions

  • Advertisements

  • Category Browse

  • Mobile Pass

  • Multilingual Support - Available across 10+ languages

The Digital Directory is a white label product and is customizable for your brand colours and logo, ensuring a seamless branded experience. 

Customer and user benefits 

Effective in multiple spaces, Directories have proven particularly successful in retail and mixed-use industries. 

Based on a recent study to discover if the implementation of digital directories leads to increased sales, it was found that digital directories were positively linked to overall retail profitability. 

The data gathered goes one step further for proving ROI. For users that come into a mall (specifically a destination mall), they are able to discover what is available, and being able to capitalize on driving their decisions is incredibly valuable. 

From these interactions, brands can gain valuable insights on what visitors are looking for and selecting in different locations. All of these interactions are logged in the analytics dashboard.

The future of Digital Directories 

It is commonplace to see providers coming up with custom directories for a multitude of verticals. We invested in creating a directory solution that would satisfy customers from a variety of industries. By focusing our effort on one product, we ensure that every customer benefits from thoughtful feature development and design evolution. 

Stay tuned to our product blog where we will discuss the evolution of this product, and visit our site to learn more about our Digital Directory product.