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Top 3 Mappedin Alternatives and Competitors

Oct 15, 2021

8 min read

By: Mappedin

It is exciting to see more companies join the indoor mapping space as we all work towards the same goal: making indoor spaces easy to navigate. While we have the same objective, each indoor mapping provider takes a slightly different approach. We look at Mappedin competitors for their unique takes on solving the greater challenge of indoor mapping. This blog will cover how some Mappedin competitors are doing a great job with indoor mapping, and how we differ.

Mappedin Alternatives: Mapwize, Inpixon, ArcGIS Indoors

Indoor mapping is essential for guiding visitors through dynamic and complex indoor spaces. People have become accustomed to relying on navigation apps and global positioning systems (GPS) to discover new places. However,  maintaining the same level of accuracy and connection gets challenging when users move indoors.

Traditional indoor mapping software such as Autodesk’s Revit and AutoCAD are used to create accurate and detailed drawings of a space, but these software are not designed to make quick or minor map changes and often they do not include map features such as amenities or wayfinding.

On the other end of the mapping spectrum, there are outdoor mapping platforms that rely on GPS. Mappedin alternatives for indoor spaces are trickier because there isn’t one way to create a mass dataset of these spaces. Millions of property owners around the world would need to work collaboratively and each venue would need to be equipped with the tools that enable them to manage their own data.

So where is the middle ground?

Mappedin is a leading provider of indoor mapping solutions. The platform is made up of industry-leading tools for property owners and operators to manage their indoor venue maps and build digital wayfinding experiences into their user-facing applications. Mappedin works with over 900 venues in more than 30 countries around the world. 

Customers choose Mappedin over other competitors because of: 

  • Our powerful map editor: Mappedin is easy to use and allows property owners and managers to maintain their indoor venue maps as their venues change and grow.

  • Our robust product offering: Mappedin offers incredible pre-built solutions that have customer maps up and running quickly and SDKs for customers who want to create custom maps or integrate additional location-based experiences.

  • Our credibility and experience: Mappedin works with many industry-leading companies including Simon Property Group, Cadillac Fairview, ServiceNow, VergeSense, Mitsui Fudosan, Vicinity Centers, Saks Fifth Avenue, Seattle Seahawks, Hudson Yards, Arabian Centres, The Dubai Mall, and many others.

Why Choose Mappedin over other Mappedin alternatives?

Mappedin has over a decade of experience providing indoor mapping solutions to customers. The platform manages over 1.5 billion square feet of indoor space and has served over 250 million directions to people navigating the indoors. Along with our vast experience, Mappedin offers intuitive indoor wayfinding solutions and a powerful map editor that simplifies map management for property owners and ensures they can maintain accurate mapping experiences for their guests.

The Mappedin offers:

  • AI-powered mapping

  • 3D and 2D map views

  • Interactive maps

  • Search driven by machine learning algorithms

  • Real-time edits and syncs

  • Blue dot wayfinding

  • Automated and optimized pathing 

  • Draft and publish mode 

  • Apple IMDF approval

  • Additional features to drive foot traffic at your venue

Mappedin Competitors: Mappedin vs Mapwize

Mapwize is one of the companies making a difference in the indoor mapping industry. The two solutions differ because Mappedin is a white-labeled software that provides interactive 3D maps. In the map creation process, Mapwize users must manually add pathing, whereas Mappedin customers can save time with accurate and automated pathing.

Interactive 3D Maps

Mappedin’s software is white-labeled, meaning the Mappedin logo never appears on the front-end solution. This allows customers of Mappedin to adapt the look and feel of the map, branding the front-end solution as their own. Mapwize, in comparison, features its own logo and brand colors on the front-end solution.

White-labeled Software

Mappedin’s software is whitelabeled, meaning the Mappedin logo never appears on the front-end solution. This allows customers of Mappedin to adapt the look and feel of the map, branding the front-end solution as their own. Mapwize, in comparison, features their own logo and brand colours on the front-end solution.  

Mapwize solution (left) and Mappedin solution (right).

Automated Pathing 

Regardless of the indoor mapping provider, it is important to have accurate and optimized pathing within your venue maps. In the Mapwize editor, Mapwize Studio, map admins click to create their own pathing networks throughout the building. This process can be time-consuming for larger venues and result in human error. The Mappedin editor, however, includes an auto-pathing algorithm which allows users to quickly generate a complex path network with only a fraction of the manual effort.

Automated pathing tool within the Mappedin Editor. 

Mappedin Competitors: Mappedin vs Inpixon

If you have been researching indoor mapping providers, you may have heard of Inpixon. Different from Inpixon, Mappedin’s customers can deploy 3D maps along with 2D ones and important location details are contained within the framework of the indoor map. The Mappedin product offering also includes an out-of-the-box solution for large platforms such as a kiosk or directory and customers hoping to use SDKs have easy access to developer documentation.

3D Maps & Location Details

As previously discussed, Mappedin provides interactive 3D maps with intuitive controls to pan, zoom, and rotate the experience. Further, Mappedin offers a cohesive user experience by showcasing important location details within the map. Details might include a location description, hours, a phone number, and links such as social media sites, a website, reservation booking, and more. In comparison, on Inpixon’s web solution, users must click out from the map to another page of the venue website in order to learn more about one particular location.

Inpixon solution (left) and Mappedin solution (right).

Directory Solution 

Inpixon “provides developers with a robust set of tools to build map-enabled web and mobile (Android and iOS applications).” Along with web and mobile, standalone directory or kiosk software is fundamental for large, complex venues. Mappedin’s Digital Directory solution is built using the Mappedin Web SDK and enables users to search, discover, and navigate using large-screen displays that are easy to use and placed at key entrances and intersections of a venue. Along with a directory solution, Mappedin customers can also use a pre-built web solution and SDKs for web, Android, iOS, and React Native applications.

Availability of Documentation 

For customers hoping to build their own custom experience using mapping SDKs, Mappedin offers trial keys and makes developer documentation publicly available. This allows companies evaluating indoor mapping providers to properly evaluate the tools and understand the features and functionality before committing to a particular provider.

Mappedin Competitors: Mappedin vs ArcGIS Indoors

ArcGIS Indoors is the third and final indoor mapping provider we will discuss in this piece. While this platform is complex and focused on workplace environments, Mappedin serves a range of different industries with an easy-to-use map editor and has placed importance on stylizing maps for improved user experiences.

Wide Variety of Industries

While ArcGIS Indoors is focused on servicing workplace environments, Mappedin works with a wide variety of industries including workplaces and offices, shopping malls and retailers, stadiums, hospitals and healthcare facilities, campuses, city districts, theme parks, transportation hubs, casinos, and more. As an experienced provider in the indoor mapping industry, Mappedin has taken the time to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of each use case and offers pre-built applications for ease of deployment and SDKs for maximum flexibility.

Easy-to-Use Platform 

The Mappedin editor has been designed for ease of use and does not require customers to be familiar with complex mapping tools such as AutoCAD or formats like Revit. The Mappedin UI is simple and streamlined. As part of onboarding, the Mappedin team does the initial setup to transform 2D building floor plans into digital, interactive indoor maps. After receiving map approval, training is provided to Mappedin customers to ensure they are able to quickly make revisions to the maps as venues change and grow.

Optimized for Consumer Experience

Indoor maps can serve a variety of use cases, ranging from purely operational to experiential. Mappedin has optimized the look and feel of indoor maps to provide unparalleled consumer experiences and encourages customers to customize and style their maps where possible. This approach ensures that the final mapping solution works for users, regardless of the use case.

ArcGIS Indoors solution (left) and Mappedin solution (right).   

Why Mappedin Trumps Alternatives

Mappedin and the various Mappedin competitors each have a unique approach to solving the challenges of indoor mapping. While there is no right or wrong approach, Mappedin believes in enabling our customers with powerful mapping solutions, easy-to-use tools, and a platform that works for everyone – regardless of industry or use case. Contact us today to get started.

We will continue to look at Mappedin alternatives for opportunities to grow the Mappedin solution and bring indoor maps to venues around the world.