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Mappedin Web Updates - October 2023

Nov 1, 2023

3 min read

By: Mandy Tang

Customer feedback has been the guiding star in our development journey, and we've been hard at work crafting enhancements to elevate your experience. Now let's explore what's fresh and what's improved in Mappedin Web. 

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Access Based Routing 

Whether you're heading to the front row, a specific section, or a premium seating area, access-based routing guarantees a smooth, efficient, and personalized journey. No more guesswork or wandering through crowds—ensure that your guests take the most direct route to their destination. You can now define certain sections or areas of your venue to use specific paths with tags and routing filters. For example, VIP lounge ticket holders will be routed through a special access route that is only available to them. If you’re interested in enabling this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales.

Example of accessed based routing on a stadium map

Outdoor View and Dynamic Focus 

In our most recent update, we've enhanced the user experience for venues encompassing multiple buildings. In response to valuable feedback from our customers, we recognize the significance of users understanding their location within the entire venue, transcending the confines of a single building. The Outdoor View feature empowers users to zoom out, providing a comprehensive glimpse of their surroundings without sacrificing the clarity of their position marked by the blue dot. In addition to this, the introduction of Dynamic Focus—a game-changer for multi-building venues—enables zoom-in to seamlessly uncover specific indoor maps for each building. Panning between different structures within the viewport to unveil corresponding indoor layouts is now effortless and intuitive.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Sales to get this feature enabled on your mapping experiences.

Example of outdoor view and dynamic focus on a campus map

Top Locations in Mappedin CMS 

Top Locations are displayed in the web application navigation dock and will display these locations upon opening the application. Top locations are a great way to showcase specific locations or amenities within your venue. We have improved the functionality of this feature to be easily set within Mappedin CMS, giving you ultimate customization and control over what locations are visible.

Example image of how top locations are displayed in Mappedin Web

Sneak Peek for Related Products

Mappedin Directory

We are hard at work on our next generation of Mappedin Directory. You can expect feature parity with our next major release, plus a complete overhaul of our indoor mapping system utilizing stacked maps for multi-floor journeys. Stay tuned for the latest updates regarding directories in the upcoming months.

Sneak peak of the new design of Mappedin directories

That’s all the latest changes and additions to Mappedin Web! Your insights, suggestions, and enthusiasm fuel our commitment to continuously improve. See you for another product update next month, until then feel free to reach out with any questions.