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Partner Applications of Mappedin SDKs

May 26, 2020

4 min read

By: Genny Orser

Mappedin has spent years building and better understanding indoor mapping technology. We’ve had the privilege of working with clients and partners across different industries and serving many indoor spaces. In this blog, we will review how our Mapping SDKs have been utilized by our partners, showcasing the flexibility of our platform to provide solutions for retail, healthcare, construction, smart buildings, and more. Because mapping is the foundation to many digital experiences today, the ability to easily integrate with any solution and provider has become critical and is what sets our partner relationships apart from the rest. 

The majority of Mappedin’s partners integrate with our Mapping SDKs for both mobile and web. Because of the flexibility and feature-rich nature of our Mapping SDKs, we’ve integrated with many applications including picking and packing for grocery stores, documentation sorting for construction, custom digital directories for city districts, and smart building applications, to name a few. 

Mappedin’s Mapping SDKs offer all of the features required to build robust indoor mapping experiences. Real-time positioning, A-B wayfinding, smart search, interactive 3D map, outdoor context map, offline mode, etc. enable our partners to build just about anything that incorporates an indoor map. Below are some examples of partners who have worked with and integrated our Mapping SDKs. 

Custom digital directories for city districts

Mappedin had the opportunity to work with Intersection, a digital signage provider specializing in city district spaces, to create a completely custom directory. This directory leverages Mappedin’s Web SDK to offer wayfinding at Hudson Yards. The mapping and wayfinding for this property included the ability to navigate between multiple buildings as well as within those buildings. 

Mapping for smart building applications

Thoughtwire, a smart building application provider, has been working with Mappedin to integrate mapping into their solutions. Thoughtwire’s products bring operational efficiencies to managing offices as well as improving the tenant experience. Working with Mappedin’s Web SDK, Thoughtwire has added navigation, heat mapping, evacuation planning, and more to their offering. 

Picking and packing for grocery and department stores

Mappedin worked with Loblaw on a pilot to understand what efficiencies could be gained from implementing a picking and packing solution. This solution takes a shopping list and plots an optimized route to collect each of the items. Leveraging our Mobile SDK, we were able to show a 13% reduction in distance traveled to fulfill an order. The picking and packing solution incorporates features such as multi-destination wayfinding, optimized routing, product information and the ability to integrate real-time positioning. 

Documentation sorting for construction applications

One of the more unique use cases leveraging our Mapping SDKs is documentation sorting. In industries such as construction where documents are tied to a specific location, accessing this documentation can be cumbersome. With this use case, we leveraged mapping to geotag documents to a specific location and make those documents accessible through an application. This gives construction workers the ability to access required documents on-the-go. With thousands of documents attributed to a given building, this application brings significant efficiencies to the job. 

Real-time wayfinding for shopping malls

While Mappedin offers pre-built applications for mall websites and digital directories, we leverage our Mapping SDKs to build wayfinding into native mobile applications. In this example, we worked with the Dubai Mall and partner Senion to bring hyper-accurate and real-time positioning and wayfinding together. The custom navigation experience includes A-B wayfinding, search, location information, and positioning to help guide users based on their current location. 

These are just a few examples of how mapping can be incorporated into solutions to create efficiencies and improve visitor experiences. With Mappedin’s Mapping SDKs, the possibilities are endless and we’re constantly looking for new opportunities to show how mapping can bring your vision to life. Our Partner Program has been built to support a variety of vendors and their differing requirements for building solutions with mapping. We look forward to discussing the problems your solutions are solving, and how mapping can play a part in it.

Fill out a partner form today to get the conversation started. We can’t wait to hear about and discuss your unique mapping needs.