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Product 101: Mappedin CMS

Aug 13, 2019

5 min read

By: Shanae Vander Togt

When we set out to create a product for shopping malls, we started with our Digital Directories. Early on in the process of developing our first product, we discovered that we needed to create a platform to help those solutions work.

A client-centric solution 

Our clients were struggling to manage all of the changes happening in their properties; both in keeping up with changes as they occur in real-time and communicating those changes to their customers and visitors. Additionally, we had many clients having to duplicate work across different indoor mapping platforms that served different purposes. Fast forward to today, and we’ve optimized a product for a variety of industries and clients.

Enter the Mappedin CMS and Map Editor platform. It collects and manages all available data for a property. In short, the CMS, or Content Management System, is our indoor map maker. It powers each of our products and makes it easy to control your data and access it organization-wide. Powering all wayfinding experiences across each of our products, the Mappedin CMS has become a one-stop shop for any and all changes you might want to make.

We created the platform to make it easy for our clients to use, regardless of the size of their team or how their internal processes were set up. By prioritizing ease-of-use and data accuracy, we’ve ensured that the process is painless. We had a lot of customers mention during the implementation process that they were concerned because they only had one person managing location data and structural changes for their digital experiences.

We see this often with our clients and have made sure the CMS user experience was set up with this in mind. The CMS allows for efficiency, making changes quickly that update in real-time and are done with a level of quality that is standard across Mappedin’s product offering.

The map editor allows a user to navigate easily between all venues in an organization and prioritizes property management in a low-effort manner. For example, being able to jump in and shut down a washroom for maintenance at a specific property, and having it update in real-time on the indoor mapping platforms. Features like our overnight automated data sync also make it easy to manage your system from one spot.

Optimized for process flow 

Our CMS fits into your organization regardless of process flow. Connect your central database to the Mappedin CMS to populate your data with no duplication in effort. Alternatively, use Mappedin as your single source of truth to manage all your data in one easy-to-access spot.

If using the Mappedin CMS as a single source of truth, the platform gives a central management location for all your data. This allows you to track everything about your venue, tenants, and customers, as well as keeping it updated in a very simple and consistent way. The CMS also allows for tying of data to real-world geometry (i.e. this Management Office is associated with this specific space at this venue), providing an export of real GIS data without needing GIS experience. Best of all, the data lives with you, meaning that you don’t need to contact Mappedin each time you want to make a change. Although, our team is here 24/7 for support if you do want to get in touch!

Communicating changes, updates, and new features to your customers is paramount, and being able to live update guarantees that you can direct customers accurately. Whether it be towards a newly renovated store or detouring their routes around areas shut down for maintenance, you can ensure that they have the most seamless navigation experience possible. Being able to showcase and advertise things that are coming soon (for instance, pop-up stores or an event) directly in the indoor mapping experience also allows visitors to your space to understand and be notified of what is going on at all times.

By the numbers 

Ultimately, the most important output from any of our products is data. Data about what your visitors are searching for, where they are going, and even insights into what they would like to see at your property in the future. Our Analytics dashboard is accessed directly from the CMS, and updates by the hour provide a real-time view of any one of your properties and how they are performing. 

One of the most important features available is missed searches: locations that users are searching and they can’t find a result for. This information can get passed internally, for example to the leasing team, to help inform what stores, brands, or amenities people want to see at a property. The dashboard can also show you stores or amenities within a specific venue that are the most searched for, and the top ten most searched directories across your entire portfolio.

The main goal with the Map Editor is to remove the previous workflow of having to edit numerous indoor maps for different use cases within an organization. Having everything in one place cuts down on the steps needed to make quick and accurate changes to your property. This means noticeable time savings and less manpower required to output an increased level of quality across your portfolio.

We have a number of features in the pipeline to continue making the CMS platform as efficient as possible, including looking into organization permission levels and potentially a Draft and Review mode. Interested in getting a demo of the CMS to see how it could fit with your organization? Contact us today.