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ServiceNow and Mappedin: Improving the Employee Experience

Feb 23, 2021

5 min read

By: Lucy Bragg

ServiceNow is a leading digital workflow company that makes work, work better for people. They have helped nearly 7,000 enterprise customers transform their old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows, ensuring that employees and customers get what they need, when they need it. 

We recently teamed up with ServiceNow to offer indoor mapping capabilities within their Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) solution. We will be exploring our integration with ServiceNow, how ServiceNow® Workplace Service Delivery caters to the employee experience, and how Mappedin fits into this industry. 

Returning to the Workplace

Amidst the pandemic, businesses must adapt to changes in the workplace by reconsidering where and how work happens. Today, many businesses are considering flexible working models, with plans for extending working-from-home arrangements. This warrants the question: how can businesses support their employees during these shifts in the workplace? 

Now, businesses must provide more accommodation for employees, as well as a more inclusive employee experience. Traditional work life can be filled with frustrating, repetitive and routine tasks that take away time from what’s important. For example, finding an open desk for a few days at the office, reserving a conference room for a team meeting, inviting a customer and ensuring they have parking and a badge, or even letting the workplace team know there is a problem with the coffee machine, are all common employee workplace challenges. By creating a streamlined experience for your workplace, these everyday problems can be reduced, as employees and managers will be able to access all the services they need.

How ServiceNow Improves the Employee Experience 

ServiceNow understands that servicing a distributed workforce requires us to re-think, extend, and digitize many of the service offerings currently found in the workplace. As such, they address these common employee workplace challenges by building and automating employee workflows.

Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) Product

As businesses bring employees back to the workplace – once it’s safe to do so – they need to make sure that employees are supported in the transition, providing seamless experiences and access to the tools and resources they need. But traditional workplace services have been filled with frustrating, disjointed and repetitive tasks. An employee often doesn’t know who to contact when the coffee machine is broken, where to reserve a temporary desk or how to get their visitor a badge and parking. This frustration can be reduced with the introduction of ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery. This solution makes it fast, simple, and easy for employees and managers to access the workplace services they need, while providing a safe and efficient workplace.

Workplace Service Delivery seamlessly automates common workplace questions for employees, making it easy to request and fulfill workplace services. Employees can find answers, get assistance, and get things done from a single source. 

Key Benefits

  • Create safe, managed processes for returning employees to the workplace 

  • Enhance the reservation experience for your employees

  • Create workplace services to fulfill employee requests 

  • Provide visitors a smooth and hassle-free experience

  • Enable workplace teams to provide timely help to employees with case management

  • Provide employees a unique view when making space reservations 

Mappedin’s Integration with ServiceNow

At Mappedin, we deliver seamless indoor mapping and wayfinding experiences across all industries. In the office environment in particular, this helps employees by increasing safety and making day-to-day navigation and discovery simple. Built for scale, our flexible platform and strong integration capabilities enable us to work with leading operators, software providers and developers around the world.

We’ve recently announced an integration with ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery to offer indoor mapping capabilities within their solution and Now Platform®, providing the best digital experience for employees and managers.

Mapping Features in ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery Powered by Mappedin

Our integration with ServiceNow enables a 3D interactive digital space mapping solution for workplaces. In an increasingly distributed work environment, digital solutions must enable simple and flexible experiences, including the ability to easily find and book desks, collaboration spaces and meeting rooms, and navigate the workplace. 

Our powerful indoor mapping platform increases employee productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. Employees can use maps to visualize and access various services, such as finding and reserving available workstations and parking spots. They will also be able to optimize time with our turn-by-turn navigation feature which leads them directly to where they need to go. Along with accessing various workplace services, our maps allow employees to raise issues when hand sanitizer stations need to be refilled, the vending machine breaks, or any other issue occurs. 

To further increase workplace team efficiency, our service provides simplified editing tools to make simple changes to desk layouts, close off amenities that are temporarily out of order, and more. Property managers can also use this tool to keep their building floor plans up to date, in real-time. Together, our mapping visualizations, navigation capabilities and editing tools cater to the employee experience and increase workplace efficiency. 

Looking Forward

Mappedin’s integration with ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery provides indoor mapping capabilities that enhance the workplace of today along with delivering a better foundation for the future. Our solutions increase workplace team efficiency, the employee experience, and ultimately drive productivity in the workspace. We are committed to the evolution of this integration to keep up with the changing workplace environment.

To learn more about how Mappedin and ServiceNow are working together and how we might enhance your workplace, contact us today.