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Why Your Office Building Needs Indoor Mapping & an IWMS

Dec 7, 2020

3 min read

By: Cara Hueston

Pairing a digital indoor map of your office floor plan with an Integrated Workplace Management System can offer valuable insights and efficiencies. Here's how. 

IWMS & Facilities Management 

We have recently discussed Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and the integrations that are made possible with an indoor mapping platform. We’ve also examined the benefits that these platforms provide to employees; now what about workplace teams? How can IWMS be used to improve efficiencies for facilities teams and help office buildings make informed decisions to save time, money, and other resources?

Workplace Requests 

Workplace teams can track and respond to various maintenance requests in real-time through their IWMS. Employees can submit work order forms and other requests through the software, along with helpful information. This might include the service issue and details, employee contact information, a photo or video, and even the ability to link a location through an indoor map, making it easy for workplace teams to locate the problem area in large buildings or complicated venues. Even after an issue has been resolved, teams can review valuable analytics such as real-time status updates or average time to resolution. 

Safe Return to Work

While companies plan and execute a return to work strategy, they need to offer an adapted workspace to ensure the safety of their employees. For facilities teams, this might include space management to offer socially distanced layouts or implementing a contact monitoring solution to help track and slow the spread of COVID-19. An IWMS can also be used as a way to ensure spaces around the office are being cleaned and sanitized regularly. Employees can place requests if they notice a hand sanitizer station is empty, for example, or automatic notifications can be sent to facilities teams when a large conference room has been emptied and needs attention. 

Employee Experience

As we previously discussed, an IWMS can play a huge role in improving the employee experience. Not only can employees benefit from the services of their workplace teams, but they can also use this platform to search and reserve meeting rooms, use wayfinding to locate the desks or office of another employee, look up the hours of the building’s coffee shop, and much more. 

Data Driven Decisions

With an IWMS on-hand to help automate and streamline processes for facilities teams, businesses also have a way to store, track, and review detailed analytics about their workplace operations. Teams can report on how space has been used on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis to help inform their decisions on policies such as space usage and capacity. Contact monitoring, room booking, cleaning requests, and visitor management are just some of the metrics that facilities teams may investigate to help ensure the safety and efficiency of their workplace.  

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