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Mallplaza: Managing Maps Across a Portfolio

Mar 17, 2021

4 min read

By: Mappedin

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As part of an effort to increase digital innovation across their shopping mall portfolio, Mallplaza worked closely with Mappedin to implement an intuitive, scalable, and digital mapping solution. 

The Customer

Mallplaza is a South American mall group with 25 malls across Chile, Peru, and Colombia. Since the opening of their first shopping mall in Chile during 1990, the Mallplaza centres have expanded across South America and evolved into urban meeting spaces.

The Opportunity

In a search to increase digital innovations across their portfolio, Mallplaza considered the benefits of a digital mapping platform. They hoped to find a mapping provider that not only delivered their shoppers an enhanced and simplified experience, but one that understood the complexities of managing maps across more than two dozen properties in one tool. In an effort to better understand the Map Editor and the benefit of digital maps for their visitors, Mallplaza agreed to pilot Mappedin at one of their venues. 

Through this pilot, the Mallplaza team was able to see the clear value brought forward by Mappedin and our best-in-class mapping platform. It also introduced Mallplaza to the mapping, training, and support teams at Mappedin. All playing a role in Mappedin’s approach to customer success, these teams strive to provide a seamless and stress-free onboarding for our customers, something that made us top of mind for Mallplaza.  

The Solution

Responsive Web App: Mallplaza implemented Mappedin’s Responsive Web Application across their portfolio to help shoppers find the stores, products, and brands that they love. This solution showcases a 3D interactive map with wayfinding features such as smart search, category listings, smart labels, accessibility mode, optimized pathing, and more. Mappedin’s web solution has been optimized for both desktop and mobile users and can be used anywhere. 

Map Editor: The Mappedin CMS and Editor make it straightforward for Mallplaza to manage each venue map from their portfolio in one simple tool. Edits to the map, such as changing store hours, a new tenant, temporary promotion, or pop-up location can all be managed in the CMS. Once published, these edits update on the shopper-facing maps in real-time. 

Onboarding and Customer Success: After deciding to use Mappedin as their digital mapping provider, Mallplaza was introduced to our Mapping, Implementation, and Customer Success teams. Working with our Map Designers, the mall group was able to review the maps and confirm they would fit seamlessly with the rest of their branding. A Project Manager was assigned to their account to ensure a successful launch and our Customer Success team provided a live webinar training session to help Mallplaza familiarize themselves with the Map Editor and the changes they could make within the software. 

The Result

The full portfolio of Mallplaza shopping centre maps are powered by Mappedin’s platform which has been attributed to a successful pilot, the customer experience delivered by Mappedin, and best-in-class mapping technology. 

Mappedin’s web solution offers a flexible and interactive mapping solution for visitors to our shopping centres and the Map Editor makes it easy to manage all of the maps in the Mallplaza portfolio. We really value the customer experience that Mappedin delivered to our team from start to finish. We’re looking forward to continuing our work together.

Violena Meersohn, Agility and Digital Products Deputy Manager, Mallplaza

Looking Forward 

The Mallplaza portfolio brought Mappedin our first venues in both Chile and Peru - but this is only the beginning. We will continue to work with Mallplaza on their digital innovation strategy and can’t wait to see indoor maps become more widespread across all of South America. As we continue to expand our global presence, we are committed to providing our customers with 24/7 support and our solutions with a wide range of languages for their visitors. 

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