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Product Launch: SDK v5

Dec 6, 2022
5 min read
By: Mandy Tang

Make it easier for developers to start building map experiences with the new SDK v5, find out how to get started with this solution today. 

We’re always trying to make improvements here at Mappedin, and lately, we’ve been very busy! Our goal with the transition from SDK v4 to v5 is to make it easier for developers to start building custom indoor mapping experiences. 

SDKs are made for those who are looking to completely customize their mapping and wayfinding experience with the latest technology that can fit their needs perfectly. Mappedin SDKs are the foundation of every indoor mapping experience we’ve built, and these tools enable clients to build just about anything that incorporates an indoor map. We recently launched Mappedin SDK v5 and this blog will showcase the latest and greatest additions and guide you on how to to get started with it today.

Latest Mappedin SDK Features and Improvements

Improved Developer Experience

The developer experience has been improved with more clarity and consistency on the arguments each method accepts across the SDK. Developers will now have access to improved and in-depth documentation that will result in faster and cleaner implementations for third-party developers. Previously deprecated functionality has been removed in an effort to help clean up the API reference and reduce confusion. 


The new Search feature provides you with the ability to supercharge your data which ultimately gives your customers better search results. Customers have the ability to search across a vast number of different search terms, giving them the ability to find exactly what they need, even down to the product level. 

Enhanced Camera Controls

Developers now have access to improved camera controls to move the map view camera programmatically or allow users to individually control it. These enhanced camera controls can give users the ability to control the camera using their keyboard as an added accessibility benefit. Additionally, developers will have more insight into where the user has positioned the camera. 

Multi-Building Bluedot

To help support venues with indoor and outdoor components, we’ve recently made improvements to the multi-building wayfinding experience. Mappedin has the ability to not only route users within buildings, but between them using the most efficient path enabled by Blue Dot. Users can efficiently search for a building or a location, and navigate seamlessly through indoor and outdoor components. Buildings, floors, rooms, indoor spaces, and stores – you name it, we’ll navigate you through it.

Performance Enhancements

Our SDKs are highly performant; they work offline and include key navigational features that allow you to expand and create a completely custom mapping and navigation system. Specifically for SDK v5, we have improved the 3-D rendering time of larger venues with higher numbers of polygons. Complex venues such as stadiums, amusement parks, and zoos are now better supported with the newest version of our SDK. We’ve also been working on the performance of floating labels, developers can now expect faster collision and display loading times. 

Rich Click Event 

The new “rich click event”  provides developers with more information when a user clicks the map. These insights can include geo-coordinates, an array of polygons, or whether the click was near the Blue Dot. 

What’s Next in SDK? 

Floating Label Icons 

Distinguish categories and amenities on your map easily with icons. The additional support for icons in floating labels enables users to zoom in and out while maintaining icon size to display categories, amenities, and connections.

Improved Accessibility 

At Mappedin, we have taken strides to improve our WCAG standards across all of our products and solutions. SDK v5 will have two new accessibility-focused features to support developers in achieving WCAG 2.1 compliance in their applications.

A new gesture will be added to help users with dexterity issues zoom in and out of the map; users can double tap to zoom in and single tap to zoom in, in addition to pinch zooming for touchscreen devices. 

The text size of floating labels is now more responsive to zooming in a web browser by 200%,  commonly performed by users who have visibility issues. The text now increases to an appropriate size, making it easier to read. 

Learn more about WCAG Standards for Indoor Mapping here

How To Get Started 

Mappedin prioritizes a seamless integration with our SDKs, that’s why our integrations team is dedicated to the evolution of our SDKs and offers support when implementing our product into a customer’s platform. If you’re currently on an earlier version of our SDK, read the migration guide on the Developer Portal. We help our customers so they can help their users.

With strong documentation, sample applications, tutorials, and step-by-step getting started guides, we can empower developers to utilize indoor mapping in advanced and creative ways. Ready to start building your indoor mapping experience, visit our developer portal or contact us to book a demo today.