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Mappedin SDK Updates - November 2023

Dec 5, 2023

3 min read

By: Mandy Tang

In this release, you'll find a range of improvements aimed at making your development experience smoother and more efficient. We've fine-tuned features, optimized performance, and introduced practical tools to support your work. Whether you're developing applications or integrating functionalities, these updates are designed to help you elevate both developer and user experience. Let's take a closer look at what's new.

Outdoor View and Stacked Maps 

The Stacked Maps feature in the Mappedin SDK offers users a unique capability to visualize multiple floors seamlessly, providing a comprehensive overview of their journey. In the latest update, we've improved this functionality by introducing an outdoor view, enhancing the user experience with valuable contextual information as they navigate across multiple floors within a building. Now, users can seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, gaining a more holistic understanding of their surroundings throughout their journey. 

Gif showcasing stacked maps outdoors

Overlay Custom GeoJSON Layers on the Map

We have added the functionality of displaying custom GeoJSON layers on top of our map. Tailoring custom layers allows you to address specific needs of the indoor space, whether it's a hospital, shopping mall, corporate office, or educational institution. Malls may want to display external data, such as customer occupancy to help visualize the busiest areas in their space. 

Custom polygon layers enable the visualization of complex data sets, making it easier for decision-makers to understand and interpret information related to the indoor environment. Read more about layers here.

Screenshot showcasing GeoJSON Layers

Transient Polygons

You may have seen this term before, but what are  transient polygons? Transient polygons are dynamic geometric shapes that exist temporarily, often changing or shifting. These polygons are not fixed, but rather represent areas or boundaries that are subject to alteration or movement. Control map layer visibility and styling based on zoom levels, facilitating smooth fade-ins and fade-outs of elements. 

Test out the Mappedin Zoom Tool! This allows you to experiment with various layer groups and try out different layer opacity visualizations. Read more about this feature and how it works here.

outdoor map zooming into a building and revealing the contents of the building such as different rooms, sitting areas, and a person with a line

Bug Fixes & General Improvements 

We have caught and fixed several bugs this month, here are some highlights: 

  • Improved language change function

  • Optimized Markers performance

  • Enabled Outside View for Stacked Maps

  • Improved collider performance

Discover the details of our latest SDK version release by exploring our comprehensive guide here. For the latest SDK updates and valuable resources, visit our Developer Portal—a central hub offering guides, release notes, code playground, and our developer gallery.