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Interactive Multi-building Navigation for Hotels and Resorts

Aug 3, 2022

5 min read

By: Lucy Bragg

Maximize discovery of resorts and hotels with interactive 3D maps and multi-building navigation technology. Highlight your best services and entertainment while equipping guests with up-to-date information and intuitive directions to their favorite destinations.

Using Multi-building Navigation in Hotels and Resorts

With Mappedin’s multi-building navigation feature built into its indoor mapping and wayfinding platform, you can enable visitors to seamlessly navigate between and within buildings, hotels, and outdoor-indoor resort locations. Visitors can simply pull up the digital map, search for a location, and follow step-by-step directions to restaurants, pools, lounges, spas, shops, and entertainment options. 

Why is Multi-building Navigation for Hotels and Resorts So Effective?

Resorts and hotels can showcase a stunning outdoor map with all of their buildings and facilities, along with maps of the interior of each building, enabling maximum visibility of their offerings. Guests can use digital maps to quickly get acquainted with their surroundings as they explore the property, and use multi-building navigation to guide them through outdoor and indoor locations. Additionally, blue dot navigation enables users to view their real-time location on the map as they travel through the resort.

Why It is Important for Hotels and Resorts

With so many locations to visit at resorts and hotels, guests can easily feel disoriented during their trip. This is why digital maps and multi-building navigation is important — it helps guests visualize the space and orient themselves within it. With a digitized map, these visualizations are interactive, so guests can pan, zoom, and rotate the interactive display, enabling maximum discoverability of services and amenities.

Seamless Outdoor-Indoor Hotels and Resorts Wayfinding

A digital map with an outdoor-indoor navigation system allows guests to search, discover, and populate routes between buildings and on-site facilities. With dynamic visuals and intuitive directions, guests can explore indoor spaces and outdoor locations with ease. From parking to attractions, services, and themed activities, guests can be offered an end-to-end wayfinding experience.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Resorts, parks, and other entertainment venues can attract guests by offering a customized digital mapping experience. By transforming 2D paper maps into an interactive 3D asset, guests can find their way around the resort and ultimately get the best out of their visit. You can also layer on additional experiences such as blue dot positioning and on-site notifications to stand out from competitors. For instance, you could send personalized “welcome” and “see you soon” messages to people that enter the hotel reception, delivering enhanced guest experiences. 

Equip Guests with Valuable Information 

Digital mapping technology enables hotels and resorts to update their maps in real-time, meaning guests will be able to rely on accurate information at all times. Along with showcasing the location of services and amenities, resorts can also highlight staff-only areas, facilities undergoing maintenance, or an elevator that is out-of-order. This offers an additional level of convenience to guests while helping owners and staff account for property changes.

Manage Navigational Inquiries with Ease

Looking for your accommodation, an exciting excursion, or a restroom? Instead of hunting down staff for inquiries, guests can access up-to-date resort and hotel information from the comfort of their mobile devices. This navigation tool can be implemented anywhere, from kiosks and mobile applications to printed materials. For example, QR codes can be featured on resort brochures, and when scanned, guests can guide themselves to specific destinations such as a sauna, gift shop, or an underwater activity.

Benefits of Using Multi-building Navigation for Hotels and Resorts

Digital mapping with multi-building navigation is extremely beneficial for resorts, college and university campuses, shopping malls, offices, airports, and many types of venues. Maps can be used to showcase their best services and entertainment, improve guest experiences, and provide guests with up-to-date information and directions to their favorite destinations. This technology can also integrate with ads, promotions, and proximity messaging to highlight retail offerings and events. 

Implementing Multi-building Navigation in Hotels and Resorts

A multi-building navigation system in hotels and resorts starts with a digital map. You will want to choose a reliable mapping software provider, like Mappedin, that has extensive experience creating venue maps for facilities of all sizes. The service provider must be able to map both indoor spaces and outdoor environments, offer seamless indoor-outdoor navigation, and can integrate seamlessly with your existing website and apps. 

What Sets MappedIn Apart?

Mappedin is the leading provider of digital mapping software. Our platform creates stunning, interactive maps that improve visitor engagement, yield valuable insights, and provide easy outdoor-indoor navigation.

Make edits in real-time, customize maps to match your resort and hotel branding, showcase events and advertising, and deliver an enhanced experience that your guests will keep coming back for! 

Multi-building Navigation for Hotels and Resorts FAQs

How Do You Make a Resort Map?

Here are seven critical steps in creating a digital resort map:

  • Define the goals for your map.

  • Find a reliable and experienced indoor mapping solution.

  • Collect location data and a 2D floor plan of your indoor space.

  • Indoor mapping providers will transform your 2D floor plans into 3D maps.

  • Apply internal and external location data and styling to the map.

  • Geo-reference the map to real-world coordinates for accuracy.

  • Maintain the map using the software.

How Do You Make a Resort Navigation System?

One of the easiest ways to make a resort navigation system is through a mapping software solution. To start, define your goals for the map and identify the navigation tools that best suit your needs. For instance, if you want to create a navigation experience that is similar to Google Maps and Apple Maps, you will want to implement blue dot positioning with your digital map. Head over to our blog How to Create Indoor Navigation Maps and Experiences for more information.

How Do You Make an Interactive Map?

3D digital mapping software provides an interactive navigation experience. Contact us today to find out how your resort, theme park or entertainment venue can benefit from digital maps, and how you can bring your vision to life.