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Product 101: Mappedin Analytics

Jan 11, 2022

4 min read

By: Lucy Bragg

The new Mappedin Analytics platform displays valuable metrics and insights for your indoor mapping solutions, enabling you to make smarter, more informed business decisions that drive results and optimize your indoor spaces. 

What is Mappedin Analytics?

With a digital indoor mapping solution, not only can you provide wayfinding and additional context to users, but you can also gather valuable insights and analytics on how visitors interact with your indoor spaces. With the new Mappedin Analytics platform, you can visualize key metrics on visitor behaviour and movement, search and location data, and more. Leveraging these insights can help you make more informed business decisions that drive results and produce exceptional indoor spaces. 

Analytics Dashboard

The Mappedin Analytics Dashboard is a comprehensive tool that displays detailed reports on what your property visitors are searching for, where they want to go, how they interact with various spaces, and their intent while visiting your properties. You’re able to gain a better understanding of your visitors by tracking location searches, missed searches, language selections, and more. 

Some trends and insights include: 

  • Number of Sessions

  • Length of Sessions

  • Anonymous Device Information

  • Track Key Events

  • Top Viewed Categories

  • Top Viewed Locations

  • Search Queries 

  • Missed Searches 

Product Features

Browse a pre-made dashboard: Mappedin Analytics generates a pre-made dashboard with key metrics and reports on how users engage with your indoor space. The dashboard presents information in a digestible and user-friendly manner, and includes a number of trends and insights listed above. 

Filter by organizational/venue view: The Analytics Dashboard can be filtered by organization or venue. This enables you to visualize metrics across specific venues or, for portfolio customers, the organization at large. This gives you a full picture of all your visitors. 

Filter by time period: You can also filter analytics by time period, enabling you to explore your venue metrics and track trends over specific periods of time, seasons, and more.

View data across a number of pre-made charts: Mappedin Analytics enables you to visualize your mapping data in a number of different ways using pre-made charts. 

Download dashboards and charts as images: You can download your dashboards or charts as images, making them easy to pull into presentations or share across your organization. 

Favourite dashboards: Mappedin Analytics also enables you to favourite dashboards. If you have specific dashboards that you monitor regularly, you can favourite them for quick and easy access. 

Export chart to CSV: You can export your chart to .csv files, and both the visual reports and raw data can be exported and pulled into any software platform with ease.

Customer and User Benefits

Millions of square feet of indoor spaces are mapped across large and small venues at Mappedin. When users leverage these maps to access directions and POI data, we can gain important insights from these behaviours. Data can be gathered on what areas of your venue are seeing the most traffic, which areas are being ignored, and popular wayfinding paths to name a few. These insights can be used in various ways such as to help optimize the placement of signage and customer service representatives, or to improve the spatial layout of services to maximize sales.

Our goal is to help you make better business decisions and gain ROI from your marketing efforts. The new Mappedin Analytics platform will give you a better understanding of your venue's visitors across devices and platforms within our products, which in turn helps with customer acquisition and retention. 

By leveraging insights, you can identify potential areas for investment, create targeted content, promotions, and events that drive increased foot traffic, optimize your venue layout to boost sales, and more. For instance, missed searches allow you to see what locations, categories, or brands your visitors are looking for that currently on’t exist at your venue. This report can help identify potential areas for investment that would increase sales at your property.

Additionally, by discovering what your visitors are looking for, you can improve marketing strategies and serve up highly relevant content, promotions, and events that drive increased foot traffic and revenue at your property. Indoor positioning analytics also highlight how people move around your venue and can expose ways that your business can optimize its space. For instance, you can monetize areas of your property that garner the most foot traffic by adding paid services, vendors, and amenities. No matter the industry or use case, insights and analytics can be leveraged in a number of ways to benefit your business and improve the user experience.

To learn more about Mappedin Analytics or how you can use indoor positioning analytics to benefit your business, contact us today.