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Alleviating Student Stress at University of Ottawa With Maps

Sep 30, 2021

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By: Mappedin

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With accessibility and inclusivity in mind, the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa works with Mappedin to provide intuitive wayfinding and navigation to students and visitors.

The Customer

The Faculty of Law is located in the heart of downtown Ottawa on the ancestral territory of the Algonquin Nation, within walking distance of Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court of Canada. It is regarded as one of Canada’s biggest and most prestigious law schools and provides students the opportunity to study Common Law, Civil Law and Indigenous legal traditions in English or in French. 

The Opportunity 

With safety and accessibility considerations in mind, the Faculty of Law assessed the benefits of an indoor mapping solution that could provide some relief for students during these strange and stressful times. They wanted an adaptable and interactive digital map that students and visitors could use to search and locate classrooms, study spaces, restrooms, and all other amenities. They also wanted students to be able to see their location in real-time so that they could avoid confusion and navigate complex buildings with ease. 

Inclusivity was top of mind, as they emphasized the importance of a mapping solution that is AODA compliant and could fit the varying needs of students and visitors. For instance, they wanted students with accessibility needs to be able to populate directions that prioritize ramps and elevators over stairs. Moreover, they wanted users to be able to access indoor maps from any device. Whether they are using a mobile phone, laptop, or iPad, everyone can find tailored directions to their desired location with the same look, feel, and function regardless of device. 

Finally, they wanted a tool that is versatile enough to layer on additional capabilities in the future. With a digital indoor map as a base, features such as viewing room capacities, booking study spaces, and reserving available parking spots are all possibilities they could explore on their digital roadmap. As such, the team at uOttawa was looking for an indoor mapping platform that could support their growth from a digital standpoint. 

The Solution

Responsive Web App: The Faculty of Law implemented Mappedin’s Responsive Web App, enabling users to search, discover, and navigate the building from any device. With an interactive digital map displayed on their website, students and visitors can search and locate entrances and exits, classrooms, restrooms, offices, and all other amenities within the building. 

This solution makes exploring the faculty a seamless and stress-free experience for students, guests, as well as staff members. For instance, you can use the Web App to search for a professor and populate step-by-step directions directly to their office. With accessibility in mind, users can populate routes that prioritize ramps and elevators over stairs, addressing the differing needs of staff and students. 

Blue Dot Wayfinding: The Faculty of Law also enabled blue dot wayfinding through our Responsive Web App. This feature allows students and visitors to see their exact location within the building, enabling them to easily navigate to a particular destination, such as a classroom or restroom. With blue dot operating in real-time, users can see their location moving on the map as they follow step-by-step directions, providing an accurate and seamless wayfinding experience.  

The Result

Mappedin’s indoor mapping solution is accessible, easy to use, and supports uOttawa’s vision of providing relief for students during these difficult and stressful times. Since successfully launching a pilot of Mappedin's Responsive Web App, uOttawa’s Faculty of Law department has delivered an enhanced digital experience that showcases all their building’s offerings.

Mappedin’s web solution has been hugely helpful during the pandemic by providing us with intuitive and accessible indoor wayfinding. Students and guests can find their classrooms, study spaces, washrooms, and key points of interest without any stress. We look forward to continuing our work together.

Alain Roussy, Dean of the Common Law Section of the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa 

Looking Forward

With a successful pilot, we hope to extend our solutions across the university to help relieve student stress, and further support uOttawa’s digital roadmap moving forward. 

To find out more about our solutions for universities and colleges, or how we can digitally transform your venue, contact us today.