Interactive Multi-building Navigation for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Aug 9, 2022
4 min read
By: Lucy Bragg

Hospitals and healthcare facilities — how can you leverage digital maps and multi-building navigation to improve patient experiences? Keep reading to find out.

Using Multi-building Navigation in Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Multi-building navigation is a feature of Mappedin’s Responsive Web App which enables users to populate directions within and between buildings using the most efficient path. When used in hospitals and healthcare institutions, visitors and patients can use a digital map to search for a location, and seamlessly navigate through several departments, facilities, and buildings.

Why is Multi-building Navigation for Hospitals So Effective?

Multi-building navigation is an effective solution for helping people navigate healthcare facilities. Hospitals can showcase an outdoor map with all their buildings and facilities, along with maps of the interior of each building, providing visitors with better access to healthcare services. When arriving at the hospital, patients and guests can use maps with multi-building navigation to guide them through multiple wings, services, and departments to efficiently locate a hospital room, restroom, or upcoming appointment.

Why It Is Important for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are in a constant state of flux, whether that be due to moving departments, expanding clinics, or renovations. Digital mapping is important because it ensures that wayfinding is accurate and easy to manage as facilities change and grow. Hospital administrators can make real-time edits to the map, meaning visitors can always rely on up-to-date information and directions.

Seamless Outdoor-Indoor Hospitals & Healthcare Wayfinding

Digital maps with outdoor-indoor hospital wayfinding make it simple for visitors to navigate between buildings as well as throughout them. With dynamic visuals and intuitive directions, patients and visitors can enjoy seamless wayfinding from their car to their appointment, and back. With Mappedin’s Accessibility Mode, visitors can populate routes that avoid stairs and prioritize elevators and accessible hallways.

A New Standard for Patient Care

Enable stress-free visits for patients and visitors to your healthcare facility with powerful indoor mapping tools. Interactive maps, turn-by-turn directions, Smart Search, Mobile Pass, and other great features of our navigation app can provide better patient experiences by alleviating some of the biggest concerns when it comes to navigating large, complex healthcare venues.

Create A Smart Healthcare Environment

Internet of Things (IoT) for healthcare institutions can include everything from lighting, HVAC, and energy management to security and fire safety, digital signage, smart devices, employee and visitor wayfinding, and more. Through partnerships with companies that specialize in smart building technology, our map management software helps to deliver integrated services that improve safety and efficiency within healthcare facilities.

Benefits of Using Multi-building Navigation for Healthcare Facilities

Mappedin's 3D interactive maps allow patients and healthcare providers to easily navigate around your healthcare facility, while delivering valuable insights back to hospital administrators. With a navigation app for any platform, your hospital map can be used across web, mobile, and directory kiosks to provide a consistent experience. Our powerful mapping platform makes it easy to maintain up-to-date venue maps and helps patients navigate to their appointments on time. 

Implementing Multi-building Navigation in a Healthcare Facility

A multi-building navigation system starts with an accurate digital map. When creating a map for your healthcare facility, it’s important to find a reliable mapping software provider, like Mappedin, that has experience with mapping spaces of different sizes. The service provider must be able to map both outdoor and indoor locations and offer seamless outdoor-indoor wayfinding.

What Sets MappedIn Apart?

Convert 2D floor plans into digital, intuitive, 3D hospital maps in real-time. The Mappedin platform enables hospital administrators to set unique permission levels and collaborate in one centralized tool. With our easy-to-use Map Editor, make updates to your maps and distribute the latest changes and property details across multiple platforms including web, mobile, and kiosk.

Multi-building Navigation for Hospitals FAQs

We previously delved into multi-building navigation questions for colleges and universities, offices, shopping malls, airports, and resorts. Now, let’s explore some of the FAQs for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

What Is the Latest Tracking System Used by Healthcare Facilities?

To support an efficient and operational hospital environment, healthcare teams can implement asset tracking. This wireless technology is crucial in helping health care providers quickly locate equipment and enables accurate inventory management. Head over to our blog Hospital & Healthcare Asset Tracking & Inventory Management to learn about tracking systems used in healthcare facilities.

What Is the Future of Patient Navigation in Healthcare?

The wayfinding tools currently implemented today, including signs and static maps, are ineffective at guiding patients and healthcare providers through complex healthcare facilities. Digital maps are enhancing patient experiences by making it simpler than ever to find your way around a hospital. Learn more about our mapping solutions for healthcare, and contact us today to get started