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7 Articles

Interactive Multi-building Navigation for Airports

Jul 28, 20225 min read

How can airports reduce passenger stress and enhance the overall travel experience? By equipping passengers with easy-to-use digital maps that also provide seamless wayfinding between buildings, parking lots, and shuttle...

Blue Dot Navigation For Airports

Mar 24, 20227 min read

Planning your next flight? Find out how airports can use digital maps with blue dot navigation to provide the best travel experience. What is Blue Dot Navigation? With indoor positioning,...

Indoor Mapping in Airports: Enhancing the Passenger Experience

Oct 12, 20216 min read

Whether you’re going on a holiday vacation, or simply visiting a friend or family member in another country, an airport is your first stop along the way. With indoor mapping...

4 Use Cases for Indoor Maps at Transportation Hubs

Sep 27, 20216 min read

With millions of travellers arriving and departing through transportation hubs, there is great potential for cutting-edge technology such as indoor mapping and indoor positioning. From bus and train stations, to...

Why Your Train Station Needs a Digital Mapping Solution

Sep 8, 20219 min read

Train stations, along with airports and bus stations, are complex transportation hubs that have countless passengers and staff travelling through them everyday. Not only are these crowded stations stressful to navigate, but...

9 Use Cases for Indoor Positioning at an Airport

Aug 12, 20219 min read

Indoor positioning systems are upgrading the way that passengers and employees navigate through an airport. Airports are large and complex venues that can create confusion for visitors. Indoor positioning systems can...

The Importance of an Indoor Navigation System for Airports

Aug 9, 20218 min read

Indoor Positioning & Indoor Wayfinding High levels of anxiety are common in an airport as many people are rushing to meet their departure time while trying to navigate their way...