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Product 101: Mappedin Web Redesign

Oct 11, 2023

3 min read

By: Mandy Tang

Mappedin Web App was originally made as a solution for our customers to display an interactive map, list locations, search, and get wayfinding directions to their destination. Today, this product serves more than 9,000 maps, covers 1.5 billion sqft, and sees 200 million search interactions. 

Let’s dive into the latest and greatest improvements of the Mappedin Web App and learn what to expect and how we improved the user experience. 

New Look and Feel  

The first thing you may notice is the difference between the improved map styling and UI elements in the new design. We simplified our map design to make locations stand out better. We redesigned the search navigation dock and location cards to be cleaner and a more modern design allows it to blend seamlessly with the updated map styling.

Screenshot showcasing the Location Card New Design

Step-by-step directions 

Step-by-step directions break down each part of the journey for you, allowing you to interact with each step and highlight the corresponding part of the path. This gives you more context and information in your journey and helps you find your way to your destination. These improvements are optimized for both mobile and desktop experiences. Directions will include estimated travel time and clickable steps, so users can understand exactly which part of the journey they are at.

Showcasing step by step directions on a phone and screen

Updated Level Selector 

The level selector for venues with multi-building venues will now show more building and level information by exposing map group names to the level selector. You will have the option to add a subtitle to your map groups in your venue to provide your users with additional information on your venue. This will only impact venues with multiple buildings. 

Screenshot showcasing the level selector

Dynamic Focus & Outdoor View 

We improved the experience for venues with multiple buildings in this latest update. Based on feedback from our customers, we understand that it is important for users to understand their location in the context of the entire venue, not just the building they’re in. Outdoor view allows users to zoom out to see their surroundings and not lose their location represented by a blue dot. Dynamic Focus allows multi-building venues to seamlessly zoom in to reveal the indoor map for that specific building, pan to different buildings within the viewport to reveal the corresponding indoor maps.

A gif showcasing a map's Dynamic Focus and Outdoor View

Interested in activating this feature? Reach out to Customer Success to get started today. 

Landmark Directions 

Give more descriptive directions to your users with a call-out to physical familiar landmarks in a venue. This can assist users to successfully find their destination faster with more confidence.

Screenshot of Landmark Based Directions

Other new changes: 

Standardized Iconography: We provide a standardized set of iconography for you to utilize when setting icons for amenities and services within a venue. This provides a consistent look and feel throughout the venue.

Multi-destination Directions: We improved the multi-destination journey with the ability to easily add multiple locations within the directions card and simply drag and drop to reorder. Visitors can toggle between paths within the profile card or by selecting the numbered tooltips and inactive path.

Intuitive Search: We’re always improving our search engine to make it easier for users to find what they're looking for. We added a ”Most Popular” category to show commonly searched for locations and an ability to customize which locations show in “Top Locations”. We also released Intuitive Search which shows categories and tags in search results. The results are ordered by popularity and match to search entries, categories, and tags.

Want to learn more? Contact your Mappedin Customer Success Manager today or book a demo!