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Product 101: Responsive Web App

Jan 28, 20214 min read

Mappedin’s Responsive Web App enables users to search, discover, and navigate complex venues. Built with our Web SDK, the responsive design allows visitors to access indoor maps across any device....

Web App


Guide to Maintaining Maps with Mappedin

Jan 14, 20218 min read

Not only is the Mappedin platform incredibly flexible and easy to use in terms of building maps, it’s also a great tool for maintaining maps. In this guide to maintaining maps with...

How to Create Indoor Maps with Mappedin

Jan 11, 202110 min read

Indoor digital maps are extremely important when it comes to navigating indoor spaces where GPS doesn’t work. Advanced mapping software, like Mappedin, allows you to create maps for a variety of...

2020 Year in Review

Jan 6, 20214 min read

A year like no other, 2020 offered us all new challenges and perspectives. We worked with our customers on exciting innovations to help them and their visitors navigate an adapted...

Why Your Office Building Needs Indoor Mapping & an IWMS

Dec 7, 20203 min read

Pairing a digital indoor map of your office floor plan with an Integrated Workplace Management System can offer valuable insights and efficiencies. Here's how.  IWMS & Facilities Management  We have...



How Indoor Maps Can Boost Safety And Efficiency For Smart Workplaces

Dec 1, 202011 min read

We're breaking down how an indoor mapping system can automate and report on key process within your smart building, saving you time and money.   How Indoor Maps Can Boost Safety...



Indoor Maps, IWMS & the Employee Experience

Nov 24, 20203 min read

How can workplace software improve employee satisfaction, safety, and even retention? Hint: add an indoor map.    What are the benefits of an IWMS to employees?  Our last blog discussed Integrated...



Indoor Mapping & IWMS

Nov 20, 20203 min read

What is an IWMS? What role does it play in office buildings and how does indoor mapping help enhance these experiences? We recently discussed smart buildings and their use of IoT devices...



Using Indoor Maps to Create a Stadium Experience

Nov 17, 20203 min read

Watching your team play or seeing your favourite artist perform is something to look forward to. Here’s how indoor mapping can create an end-to-end experience at your stadium or arena....



Your Guide to Smart Buildings

Nov 11, 20206 min read

What technologies make up a smart building ecosystem? How are they used and why are they important? This post will give a high-level overview of these components and review the...



Indoor Mapping Helps to Build Smart Cities

Nov 10, 20208 min read

We're discussing how indoor mapping software plays an important role in helping to develop smart cities of the future.  Mappedin's powerful mapping platform provides us with a unique understanding of location information...

Employee Q&A: Steff Freeman

Nov 6, 20206 min read

Steff, thank you for chatting with me! To start off, what do you currently do at Mappedin? I am a Software Developer and these days, I'm working on an updated...



Benefits of Indoor Mapping for Universities

Nov 2, 202010 min read

Indoor mapping helps to close the loop when navigating between buildings, floors, and rooms on a university campus. Here are the benefits to using an indoor mapping platform on your...



Real-Time Location For Android Devices

Oct 27, 20203 min read

We've discussed free systems that power indoor positioning on iOS devices - but what about Android? An Indoor Positioning System (IPS) performs similarly to a GPS, except focused on the...

Employee Q&A: Jim Zhang

Oct 19, 20205 min read

Hi Jim! First of all, a huge congratulations on 5 years with the company! It must have been quite a journey considering how the company has grown. How do you...



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