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3 Ways Retail is Changing the Channel

Nov 19, 20192 min read

The hybrid shopper is here, and their demands are different. Retail is changing up their touch points, but will it be enough? The future of the retail industry is moving towards a...



Episode 1: The Evolution of the Shopping Mall

Nov 12, 20191 min read

Simon Property Group is a leading retail REIT and the largest shopping mall operator in the United States. Mappedin and Patrick Flanagan, SVP of Digital Marketing & Strategy, discuss the...



Feature 101: Real-Time Positioning for Web

Nov 6, 20195 min read

Mappedin announces Real-Time Positioning for Web, an add-on feature that brings another aspect of the full digital experience to our customers. We have a wealth of information about the outdoors...

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AI and Retail: Worth It?

Nov 1, 20193 min read

Industry experts are divided on how and where artificial intelligence is best used, but is AI worth the money that retailers are investing? The continued evolution of the shopping mall...



Sonae Sierra: Going Global with an International REIT

Oct 30, 20194 min read

Learn about how Mappedin worked with this global REIT to streamline their mapping efforts and digitize venue maps across 33 of their shopping centres. The Customer Sonae Sierra is an international...

The Dubai Mall: Navigating 5M sqft of Premium Retail Space

Oct 28, 20193 min read

A leader in retail innovation and proponents of best-in-class technology, Emaar Properties sought to provide a seamless wayfinding experience for its customers to navigate The Dubai Mall's 1,200 stores and...

The New Customer Journey

Oct 24, 20193 min read

Shopper behaviours have changed but will we notice the impact this holiday season?  It may seem too early to start thinking about it, but the holiday season is upon us...



Evolution of the Mall: Four Ways REITs are Adapting for the Future

Oct 22, 20196 min read

Over time, we have seen the shopping mall transition, in both physical form and in purpose. With the rise of digital, shopping malls and centres have undergone major change. Taking...



Remote Working in Cambodia: Getting It Done A World Away

Oct 18, 20196 min read

We recently had one of our own move to Cambodia for a new adventure. Meet Kate, one of our Map Designers and Customer Support Specialists, who is helping us redefine...



Mappedin Update - Q3 2019

Oct 9, 20194 min read

This quarter we focused on improving the efficiency of map management for our customers and enabling some familiar elements for users exploring maps powered by Mappedin. We’ve continued to add...

GIS for the Non-GIS User

Oct 8, 20194 min read

In today’s world, there is a lack of efficiency in how people interact with and navigate the indoors as well as how companies manage their property maps. The average American spends...

From e-Commerce to Brick and Mortar

Sep 27, 20193 min read

Why online retailers are moving into physical brick-and-mortar locations at malls around the world. Online stores are undeniably attractive to consumers. The convenience of not having to leave home, drive...



Hypecurves and Trends in Retail

Sep 24, 20195 min read

The past five years in retail have been tumultuous to say the least. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have been facing the dreaded "retail-pocalypse", as the rise of digital and...



Retail Tech: How Do Consumers Really Feel?

Sep 20, 20194 min read

The National Retail Federation (NRF) recently released their annual Consumer View survey results for Summer 2019. The report looks at how consumers perceive various subjects in and around retail, as well as how they...



History of Mapping: Cartography to Digital and Everything in Between (Part 2)

Sep 10, 20195 min read

While we are often focused on the current and future states of mapping and wayfinding, we rarely get a chance to examine historical methods and how they have had an...

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