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The Marriage of Digital and Physical

Sep 10, 20192 min read

How traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are reinventing themselves to create memorable and differentiated mall experiences. Today’s mall-goers, especially digitally savvy millennials, expect more from their in-store experiences. The online shopping world...



Hiring Really Great People

Sep 6, 20195 min read

Hiring great people is challenging, but it can be done. Here are four ways that Mappedin uses the Golden Rule in our interview process. “We stay curious, challenge opinions, take...



History of Mapping: Cartography to Digital and Everything in Between (Part 1)

Aug 27, 20194 min read

While we are often focused on the current and future states of mapping, we rarely get a chance to examine historical methods and how they have had an impact on...

Hudson Yards: Creating a Solution for the Future of Cities

Aug 16, 20196 min read

Hudson Yards is a 28-acre neighbourhood and private real-estate development on the West Side of Manhattan. Mappedin helps their 125,000 daily visitors navigate around the massive venue.  Introduction Smart cities...

Product 101: Mappedin CMS

Aug 13, 20195 min read

When we set out to create a product for shopping malls, we started with our Digital Directories. Early on in the process of developing our first product, we discovered that we...

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History of Mapping: Tupaia's Map

Jul 29, 20194 min read

While we are often focused on the current and future states of mapping, we rarely get a chance to examine historical methods and how they have had an impact on...

Digital Natives and the Jump to Brick and Mortar

Jul 16, 20194 min read

With the rise and further rise of digital adoption, it’s clear to see that the rules have changed for everything retail. With the customer journey no longer being linear, many...



Mappedin Update - Q2 2019

Jul 11, 20195 min read

This quarter's focus was on a NEW map dashboard and easy-to-follow tooltips within the CMS, improved display of location hours, and a more accurate blue dot experience on Mappedin Web....

Google Maps, Data Accuracy, and Hitting the Mark

Jul 2, 20195 min read

It’s been an interesting week in the world of data accuracy, after the Wall Street Journal reported that Google Maps is full of fake businesses. Given the size of the tech...

Product 101: Mappedin Web

Jun 17, 20194 min read

When Mappedin first started developing our products, we wanted to create a visual way for people to explore indoor space that was interactive, easy-to-use, and helped them to truly discover...

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Mappedin Update - Q1 2019

Apr 12, 20194 min read

To kick off this year, we've implemented Text for Directions from our Directory software, created a NEW Retail SDK, and automated path creation for users of the Mappedin CMS. We...

Mappedin Product Update - Q3 2018

Oct 4, 20184 min read

This quarter, we've created Mobile Pass, improved the multi-floor wayfinding experience, and added "new" and "coming soon" location states. In the last quarter, we’ve spent a large portion of time...

The Power of One

Aug 27, 20183 min read

Why are some shopping malls floundering and others thriving? According to top REITs and premier property owners Cadillac Fairview and Simon Property Group, success is driven by a strong brand...



Welcome to the Digital World

Aug 14, 20182 min read

How are REITs and mall property owners adapting to a digitally-changing world? The digitally-changing world is making it difficult for the traditional mall model to survive. Shoppers are no longer...



Mappedin Product Update: Q2 2018

Jul 9, 20184 min read

See what we've been working on this quarter; improved search bar and compass, integrations for chat support, and a NEW product for the Healthcare industry! Over the last quarter we've...

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