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Taking Your Indoor Maps Further, Customer Insights & More

Oct 7, 20214 min read

Mappedin has worked closely with customers and partners in a variety of industries over the last few years, gaining valuable insights on the unique challenges they face. This has led...

Feature 101: Directory Ads

Oct 5, 20213 min read

Mappedin’s Directory Ads provide a simple way to monetize your directory signage during idle use or user interactions. Using Mappedin’s platform, you can bring Digital Out of Home (DooH) advertising...



Okinawa Arena: Using SDKs to Deliver the Ultimate Visitor Experience

Oct 4, 20215 min read

As an innovative entertainment venue, Okinawa Arena is a forerunner for implementing a digital map of a stadium in Japan. As such, they used Mappedin’s Web SDK to provide an...

Feature 101: Map Upload Portal

Oct 1, 20213 min read

Powered through a single CMS application, the Mappedin platform provides end-to-end solutions for creating, maintaining, and visualizing your property maps. With our Map Upload Portal, we're making it easier to...

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University of Ottawa: Relieving Student Stress

Sep 30, 20214 min read

With accessibility and inclusivity in mind, the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa works with Mappedin to provide intuitive wayfinding and navigation to students and visitors. The Customer...

4 Use Cases for Indoor Maps at Transportation Hubs

Sep 27, 20216 min read

With millions of travellers arriving and departing through transportation hubs, there is great potential for cutting-edge technology such as indoor mapping and indoor positioning. From bus and train stations, to...

Implementing a Successful Campus Navigation App

Sep 22, 20219 min read

University and college campuses are often large and congested, with thousands of students and faculty members navigating through them everyday. With multiple buildings, floors, and indoor and outdoor components, it’s...



VIA Outlets: Reducing Environmental Impact with Digital Maps

Sep 16, 20213 min read

As a part of VIA Outlet’s four-pillar sustainability strategy, they required a digital mapping solution that could give their customers a unique and premium shopping experience while promoting responsible consumption....

Indoor Navigation Systems for Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Sep 14, 20219 min read

Today's the day. Hundreds of exhibitors to see, seemingly endless rows of booths, and only so many hours in a day. How can you make the most of your next...

Why Your Train Station Needs a Digital Mapping Solution

Sep 8, 20219 min read

Train stations, along with airports and bus stations, are complex transportation hubs that have countless passengers and staff travelling through them everyday. Not only are these crowded stations stressful to navigate, but...

The Importance of Digital Maps for Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Sep 2, 20214 min read

Trade shows and events are thoughtfully laid out to ensure that attendees are able to find the booth, exhibitor, company, or brand that they are after. In order to allow...

QIC: Digital Innovation for a Retail Portfolio

Aug 31, 20214 min read

With a goal to increase digital innovation across their portfolio of shopping centres, QIC Global Real Estate required an indoor mapping solution that seamlessly allows them to manage the maps...

Using Digital Maps in Museums & Art Galleries

Aug 24, 20217 min read

Museums and art galleries showcase interesting pieces that will catch the public's attention and drive people to the exhibit. However, grabbing the attention of the public can go beyond the...



16 Benefits to Using Indoor Maps in Hospitals

Aug 20, 20219 min read

Hospitals are known to have the latest and most upscale technology in order to attend to the sick in the best way possible and create an enhanced patient experience. Along...



Guide to Indoor Outdoor Navigation Systems for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

Aug 17, 20219 min read

Indoor outdoor navigation systems can be used to create an enhanced, digitized hospital experience that benefits visitors and employees. Patients and guests can often find themselves lost within a hospital...



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